Mindfulness Practices You Can Start Today – Mindful Eating

This may very well be the easiest thing you do today or (depending on how often you rush yourself) the hardest. Pick a meal you enjoy and a time of day when you will not be in a rush. Because you will be paying close attention to the flavors in your mouth it may beContinue reading “Mindfulness Practices You Can Start Today – Mindful Eating”

Turning a New Page – Choosing Positivity & Starting a Blog (A Five Year Journey)

The world needs more positivity and less judgement. We need better role models and fewer bullies; people who don’t shrink in the face of adversity and stand up for what is right.

Impermanence – Eternally Existing and Dissolving

Everything comes into being and then dissolves. Whenever you encounter suffering in your life you don’t have to worry because nothing lasts forever. This suffering is not permanent. Facing your fears becomes easier because you begin to realize that fear too is temporary. Every pain and discomfort become much less of an obstacle because youContinue reading “Impermanence – Eternally Existing and Dissolving”

Makeup or No Makeup? Hair or No Hair?

I recently watched and shared two Buzzfeed videos. In one video women go without makeup for a week and in the other video women go bald for a day. Both videos challenge what our society typically tells us is beautiful and feminine, makeup and long flowing hair. Some of the women were not sure how they wouldContinue reading “Makeup or No Makeup? Hair or No Hair?”