Life Before Mindfulness – The Best Things Come From Hard Work

“Mind whirling like a washing machine, carelessly flinging thoughts and words around endlessly like dirty socks. It was all such a mess before mindfulness.”

Is The Modern Lifestyle Deadly? – Returning to a Natural Rhythm

The way we live is out of tune with nature. Everything is artificial, fluorescent lights, recirculated air, and genetically modified foods. What happened to the sun, a fresh breeze and food made the old fashioned way.

Is anything real these days? Does anybody care?

Our ancestors used up physical energy harvesting foods and hunting, they earned every calorie they took in. Nothing was handed to them on a plate and everything was fresh. They ate real, organic, whole foods, exercised constantly and spent most of their time outdoors.

Good Day or Bad Day? It’s All How You Look at it – Six Steps to Positive Thinking

Our joy, and perhaps even our curse, as human beings often come from our ability to chose the way we will view and interpret the world. People who are able to grow a more sunny outlook on things are happier and have less stress than those who tend to focus on their problems. It seems like a no-brainer – always think about the best parts of every situation. Still, many of us find ourselves stuck on the negatives.

Getting FAT – One Week on the Ketogenic Diet

Fat – organic grass fed butter, heavy whipping cream, MCT coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, fatty cheeses, if you like mayo this is the diet for you. Surprisingly a lot of people do the Ketogenic diet for weight loss. You can eat fat to burn fat and lose fat (once you get past all the bad things people have told you about fat your entire life).