Cheap Sunglasses Stopped My Migraines

I’m not saying this will work for everybody but cheap tinted glasses from have changed my life. Doctor’s couldn’t help me but my amber glasses stop my chronic headaches/migraines caused by bad lighting/light sensitivity.

My glasses are amber, but some people like blue, pink, or green. Some may need darker glasses and others may only need a slight tinting. Please be aware you may go through SEVERAL pair of glasses before you find the ones that work for you – IF this works for you. It may not work for everybody.  Continue reading Cheap Sunglasses Stopped My Migraines

Requested Content – Relationship Advice

I will admit that I’d been putting off making this video when it was requested almost a month ago. I had a lot to think about. It’s taken me several weeks to gather my thoughts but here they are. Neurodivergent Rebel’s relationship advice. Continue reading Requested Content – Relationship Advice

Zero to My Own Hero – The Evolution of Me

A friend once said to me that she remembered that I “wasn’t good at anything” when we were kids. This week I talk about what’s changed over the years. Continue reading Zero to My Own Hero – The Evolution of Me

Web Resources

A list of helpful websites.   Against The Stream Buddhist Podcast Autism Women’s Network Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) International Aspergirl Society Neurodiverge Neurowonderful Blog & Neurowonderful on YouTube Spectrum News Spectrum Women Magazine  The Art of Autism Wrong Planet   … Continue reading Web Resources