Company Policies That Keep Neurodivergent Employees Out of the Workplace

Employers claim they want to be more inclusive but often fall short when policies and company culture are set up in a way that is can be off-putting for neurodivergent employees.

Are your company policies unintentionally discriminating against autistic and neurodivergent employees? 

On the Matter of Self-Esteem

This week I reflect on self-esteem, how my life’s been thought out its ups and downs.

Meltdown Videos of Autistic Children – Awareness or Exploitation?

They’re not hard to find. You can dig them up on blogs, Youtube and even the news with a quick Google search – disturbing videos of autistic children in distress, while parents film.

Viral sympathy videos could quickly be viewed all over the world. Once a video is out there it is forever. The consequences of this are not always immediately apparent, but can be lifelong, impacting relationships with peers (kids are mean and bullies could easily use this footage), future employers, and others.