The BIG Announcement – Big BIG Bus – Sold the House Bought an RV – Our First Day Full-Time RV Living

I’m very excited to announce that David and I have started a new channel, a joint venture, check us out on our Blog, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop posting content here. The Neurodivergent Rebel blog is here to stay. 

All About Autistic Meltdowns & Shutdowns (Audio Only)

Last week I posted a very short video explaining what autistic meltdowns and shutdowns are in just over two minutes. Since posting I’ve had some questions so this week I took the time to answer a few reader questions in this audio clip. 

A Quick Note About “Autism Martyr Parents”

You can find them in “Autism Mommy Facebook Groups”, blog pages, and even writing books about how their “lives are heavily burdened by their autistic children”. You may have encountered them and not even know it. What is an autism martyr parent?

Autistic Meltdowns, Shutdowns, & Tantrums, oh my!

To the untrained eye, a meltdown can look like a tantrum, but the reality of what is happening to someone having a meltdown is very different. Meltdowns and shutdowns can be a result of sensory overload, physical and mental exhaustion, triggered by acute stress, or depleted energy reserves.