Let’s Talk About How to Stop Taking Things Personally

Reader requested content. Some tips for how to “not take things personally” – a few of my thoughts.  

Singing Brings Me Joy

I encourage every one of you to do more of the things that bring you joy. If I’m ever feeling down singing is a great way to pick myself up. This little tune is one I go to. Content WARNING – off-key singing. 😉  

What is Stimming & Why Do Autistic People Stim?

What is Stimming? – this week’s video is on the much requested topic of autistic stimming.     What is Stimming & Why Do Autistic People Stim? — Neurodivergent Rebel May 2, 2018 Transcript/Subtitles by: @SeekingSara174 (An Autistic’s Journey Toward Self-Discovery), https://seekingsara174.wordpress.com/ (uplifting guitar music) (sighs) Deep breath. I don’t know why, like, I’m…intimidated byContinue reading “What is Stimming & Why Do Autistic People Stim?”