Time to Take the Mask Off – #TakeTheMaskOff

Autistic people with well-developed masks may do better in certain situations compared to autistics without masking skills. Still, masking may come with a heavy cost, leading to physical exhaustion, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and burnout. The mask can breed self-loathing, leading the wearer to believe the unmasked person is somehow damaged, flawed, or broken.

Makeup & Self Confidence – Is YOUR Relationship with Makeup Healthy?

This week I do a naked faced video to talk about my roller coaster relationship with makeup.   Music: http://www.bensound.com

An Autistic Perspective – What is Autistic Masking? #TakeTheMaskOff

I was honored to be invited into the #TakeTheMaskOff conversation on Facebook earlier this week. Our one hour long live video inspired the video below. This week I talk about my personal experience with autistic masking – sometimes referred to as autistic passing.     YouTube CC help from Shauna Gordon @gordondev  http://shaunagordon.com AutisticScienceLady @AspieHuman Continue reading “An Autistic Perspective – What is Autistic Masking? #TakeTheMaskOff”

Talking About Autism and Masking – #TakeTheMaskOff

It was a true honor to be able to have such an important conversation with some amazing #actuallyautistic advocates. This summer we want to encourage autistic people everywhere to talk about how masking impacts their lives using the tag #TakeTheMaskOff   #TakeTheMaskOff Live Launch Youtube Video 7/9/2018 The Autistic Advocate, Neurodivergent Rebel, Do I LookContinue reading “Talking About Autism and Masking – #TakeTheMaskOff”

Why Do Autistic People Repeat Words & Phrases? What’s Echolalia? – An Autistic Perspective

I sing song things a *lot*. I make up little songs constantly. It’s just all these little—little things that are just natural parts of my communication when I just relax and am myself…that’ve just always kind of been part of me. I can turn it all off…sometimes. I can’t—no, I can turn it off. I can turn it off because I turn it off when I go to work. You know, there’s my home self and my work self and when I was in school there was my school self and and my home self. And work “me” is… (shrugs) very professional and different (laughs) than home “me”. And it’s not even like—I don’t know. It’s not even conscious at this point; it’s just like a switch.