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A Few things #ActuallyAutistic People are Tired of Hearing

Here are a few things you should NOT say when someone lets you know that they are autistic.


  1. I wonder if “But you don’t look autistic!” is so common because non-autistics tend to think it’s possible (for them, at least) to “just know” everything about someone by looking at them. When they somehow don’t “just know” that we’re autistic, that calls into question one of their big assumptions about what makes autistic people “flawed” (because we don’t always “just know” things about people the way they think they do).

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  2. I’ve definitely heard several of these (including “But you don’t look autistic!” and “I never would’ve guessed!”, and “But isn’t it over-diagnosed?”) and I’m more forgiving when they come from people who are maybe not as informed, but when it comes from people who should know better… :/ Anyway, thank you for making this!

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