Interviewing Myself – Disclosing Autism During a Job Interview

I want to say that this might not be right for everyone.  There are just some situations where unfortunately, for one reason or another, it just may not be safe for someone to be openly autistic because there are still plenty of stigma and misinformation out there.  But those of us who are able to be openly autistic, it’s important because we do need to correct that misinformation.  And just by existing and being honest and open with the world, we have the opportunity to do that. 

Autistic Travel Tips

    Hey guys. So, this Boston. Err… this Boston (it’s Baltimore). Ha! This April, I’m traveling to Boston (Baltimore). Unfortunately, because flights to Boston are not reasonable in April, I will be traveling without David. Traveling alone in an airport is, unfortunately, confusing and not always easy, so I wanted to share with youContinue reading “Autistic Travel Tips”

What Autistic Kids Need From an Autistic Adult

The first thing that I think all autistic kids need, would be loving, caring, encouraging and supportive parents who are willing to help their kids learn to do what they’re good at and encourage them to do the things that they love and that bring them joy.