The BEST Print On Demand Store? – Zazzle, Redbubble, or Cafe Press?

What’s the best print on demand store? Zazzle, Redbubble, or Cafe Press?






Hi everyone! congratulations if you’re seeing this video it means you survived April and it is now May and if you don’t know why I’m saying “oh my gosh you survived April” you might not be autistic on the internet.

April is autism awareness/acceptance month, depending on who you’re talking to, and unfortunately it’s a month where a lot of misconceptions or just constantly brought up over and over again about autism and a lot of autistic people will just decide not to be on the Internet the whole month of April and I’m not gonna get into all of that. The point is people are tired of all of that, and so this week’s video is not gonna have anything to do with autism really.

So this week I want to talk about my experience with having print on demand stores and let me tell you what a print on demand store is. There are different merchants – Zazzle, Café Press, Redbubble, even Amazon has certain print on demand things they do – mostly books.

Where if you are an artist or a creator you are able to upload your content to these websites and then they will put-print either your designs on T-shirts and various products like I have with Redbubble and Zazzle or like with Amazon if you write a book you can have your book printed and published and with print on demand it’s really great for people who have no budget or space to house products so basically how it works is. . . you don’t housing any of your own products the distributor.

Like with me, I have Zazzle has products they have a set price for their products and it usually is kind of normal price for the product you know without art – and then you, as the artist get to- they, when you add art to it, you can add a small percentage or margin, markup on it.

And this is pretty standard for most print on demand shops that I’ve seen. Generally the margins are very small so say you buy a T-shirt for $30 or $35 the artist probably is only getting maybe $2 to $7 dollars from the T-shirt sale, depending on the T-shirt, and depending on the website. So for the products, that’s probably the biggest downside is the products for the end user for the customer is a little bit more expensive that way, but when you realize you’re dealing with a lot of people who are small “mom-and-pop operations” small companies or you – me, I live in an RV and I can’t – I can’t ship and store a bunch of products and I can’t buy a bunch of products and keep it around, and that’s risky what if it never sells?

So it allows you to get in, as in a small one person operation, and still be able to put something out there and the reason I started doing print on demand is because I went and just ordered some stickers for my own laptop I just wanted some stickers I designed a sticker with my logo. I just wanted to cover-cover up the Apple logo on my laptop and so I design -I just printed out my logo on a plane square and stuck it over it  and I put a picture on Instagram and somebody asked where they could buy one and it wasn’t set up so that it could be sold and there wasn’t really – I wasn’t – I didn’t want to start ordering a bunch of stickers and keeping a bunch of stickers around I didn’t know if anyone would really want these stickers.

So I did some research and I ended up at first with CafePress which – I still have my CafePress store but, honestly, I’m not in love with CafePress and I probably intend to close it down. I haven’t seen the products recently, but in the past, when I originally opened my CafePress store (there’s a video about that I think I can link) I kind of didn’t – I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the products . I’s been a while so maybe things have changed.

But  Zazzle and Redbubble I’ve been very impressed with the quality of those products and I really have been impressed, for the most part, was Zazzle’s customer service the one thing they haven’t been able to give me an answer on – They just decided to not get back to me is: “what clothing they have is sensory friendly” but, other than that, they have – anytime anyone’s had a problem, they just they have been really good about refunding it and helping the customer with the return and helping the customer get what they want and make sure customers happy.

So that’s what’s really important to me,  is that they treat people who are buying my designs well and so Zazzle I know for a fact so I like them and Redbubble’s been really good as well. So I am just pleased and I’ll continue to work with them just based on the customer service and product quality.

And basically, I just designed my art in Illustrator and then I upload it and Zazzle even has a tool a tool that has text and art. Zazzle is really easy, even if you don’t have Illustrator or anything on your computer, because I’ve had it on my computer for a while already, it’s old software –

If you don’t have any of that,  Zazzle – you can just you can you text shirts without anything out of box, really great.So check it out because it is doesn’t cost anything for you to have a store.

Yeah, they-they make their money on their products and you just get whatever extra on top of that, and then Zazzle you get paid I think once a month on the 15th of every month is when they pay people, if you have at least $50 you in your account. So if you don’t make $50 one month you may not get paid for a while on Zazzle.

That happens to me sometimes there will be a month where nobody will buy anything or you won’t even make $50, and that’s OK but then you don’t get paid that month – if you don’t meet minimum.

Redbubble it doesn’t matter, they pay you straight to your bank or PayPal (I don’t know about PayPal) –  they pay me straight into my bank even if it’s like $0.50.  They pay me right away, so that’s nice that Redbubble. . . but Zazzle has just been more popular people like Zazzle, so. . . give the people what they like!

Not necessarily – not always.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts and my experience with having put on demand store.  Eventually, if I do write book someday, I want to I will probably self-publish with print on demand through  Amazon and I will share about how that goes, because I’ve already done a lot of the research already. I think it looks really good.

More to come, alright guys more to come – talk to you next week!




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2 thoughts on “The BEST Print On Demand Store? – Zazzle, Redbubble, or Cafe Press?

  1. Hey, thanks for the great article. I’ve been selling on Amazon Merch and Etsy/Printful but recently decided to double down and get on some more platforms like Zazzle. I’m curious why you’d shut down your Cafepress store though. Is it somehow causing you a hassle or is it just not preforming?

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