Autistic Stimming – My First Chewy Necklace

And now I’m engaging in a behaviour that is better for my health.  I’m a little self-conscious, I need to admit, that I am an adult chewing on something, but I’m going to get over that because this is just so much better for me than biting holes in my lips and mouth.

Autism Tales & Stories – The Ugly Duckling

The ugly duckling grew up believing – falsely – that he was an ugly or defective duck.  Eventually the “duckling” learned he wasn’t a duck at all.  In the end, the duckling was a perfectly “normal” “average” swan and this knowledge set him free.

An Autistic Perspective – Non-Autistic Parents & the Neurodiversity Movement

When I do a video, I just kind of try to think “What would I have wanted the adults and teachers and parents around me to have known when I was growing up (undiagnosed)?” 

An Autistic Perspective – Stim Suppression

When I can’t move at all, I start to get this really heavy tension in my body.  I get tension in my shoulders.  I get tension in my jaw.  I get tension in my neck and my legs.  I hold my body hard and tight and stiff just to keep myself from moving, and it feels horrible.

An Autistic Perspective – Disclosing & Accommodations

At first, some people may feel the urge to run around and tell everybody this new information when they find out they’re autistic.  However, disclosing can be very tricky, especially in the workplace.