Spectrumly Speaking # 104: Gift-giving on the Spectrum

Hello Humans on the internet!

Recently I was invited back to the the Spectrumly Speaking audio podcast on DifferentBrains.org.

This time we spoke about holiday gift giving and receiving for and as Autistic people.

Spectrumly Speaking – A Different Brains Podcast with Haley Moss & Dr. Lori Butts. Featuring guest: Christa Holmans in Episode 104 Gift-Giving on the Spectrum

Here is the direct link to the 33 minute episode: https://www.differentbrains.org/gift-giving-on-the-spectrum-with-christa-holmans-spectrumly-speaking-ep-104/

A transcription of the show is available on the same page.

The show is also available on all the popular podcast providers: iTunes | Stitcher | SoundCloud

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