Neurotaboo Neurodiversity and Antivaxx – (March 23 2021) – Register Now!

Hey everyone, I’m REALLY excited to announce this collaboration with Jude Morrow from NTI (Neurodiversity Training International).

Starting in January Jude and I – two neurodivergent people – will be discussing taboo topics from the neurodivergent perspective.

White on black NeuroTaboo logo – a gold infinity makes the “oo” at the end of NeuroTaboo

In the second session of the Neurotaboo Series – Jude and Christa will discuss Neurodiversity and the anti-vaccination movement.

This session will benefit Neurodivergent individuals, parents, teachers, those who are concerned regarding vaccines and anyone with neurodiversity in their lives.

This session will cover

  • Neurodiversity – An Introduction.
  • The origins of the anti-vaxx movement
  • How neurodivergent individuals can remove harmful misconceptions about the link between vaccines and neurodiversity.
  • Our take on anti-vaxx and how it impacts the neurodivergent community today, tomorrow and in days gone by.
  • Q and A with Jude and Christa.


Sign up on EventBright – workshop will be over Zoom.

(Your camera won’t be on.)

Date And Time

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

12:30 PM – 2:30 PM CST


Only £15!

*Reserve your spot now – Space IS limited!

For full 2021 schedule of NeuroTaboo events CLICK HERE!

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