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Developing Empathy & Compassion

What a long way I’ve come. I remember a time when trying to be compassionate and patient with the people around me was much harder (not that I’m perfect now).

As we age we become older we grow better and wiser but ONLY if we decide to put the effort into ourselves.

This is an honest video about the rewards that come from years of hard work.

Take Care of Yourself

“You look like you take good care of yourself.” – What a strange thing to say to someone.

Self care is the deepest affection that you can show to yourself.

It has taken me years to get to where I am now in regards to self care. As I grow and age self care has become a much bigger priority for me.

Love yourself – YOU deserve it!


Sick Days – When Self Compassion is Not Optional 

Ever have one of those days when you are so sick even making your way down the stairs is a questionable task? These are the days when your body forces you to be mindful. It will let you ignore it no longer.

I don’t enjoy being sick that is why I’m changing to a radical new diet. Days like today, when basic tasks feel impossible, having self-compassion is more important than ever.

Be kind to your body. If you need to rest then allow yourself the time you need. It’s easy for us to get into a habit of pushing.

We push until we break down but remember – we’ve only got one body.