What Autistic Kids Need From an Autistic Adult

The first thing that I think all autistic kids need, would be loving, caring, encouraging and supportive parents who are willing to help their kids learn to do what they’re good at and encourage them to do the things that they love and that bring them joy. 

An Autistic Perspective – What is Autistic Masking? #TakeTheMaskOff

I was honored to be invited into the #TakeTheMaskOff conversation on Facebook earlier this week. Our one hour long live video inspired the video below. This week I talk about my personal experience with autistic masking – sometimes referred to as autistic passing.     YouTube CC help from Shauna Gordon @gordondev  http://shaunagordon.com AutisticScienceLady @AspieHuman Continue reading “An Autistic Perspective – What is Autistic Masking? #TakeTheMaskOff”

On the Matter of Self-Esteem

This week I reflect on self-esteem, how my life’s been thought out its ups and downs.

A Long Love of Reading

I remember the teacher’s anger when I didn’t read my paragraph. I remember reading the words in my mind, screaming the words in my head, then begging the words to come out of my mouth. Nothing. I knew the words but couldn’t say them. I remember being sent out of class for refusing to participate in the activity and I remember being ashamed.

Zero to My Own Hero – The Evolution of Me

A friend once said to me that she remembered that I “wasn’t good at anything” when we were kids. This week I talk about what’s changed over the years.

Let’s Talk About Internet Bullies

In last week’s video I spoke about my experience with bullies. Some viewers commented on online bullies, inspiring this video talking about internet bullying and not taking things personally. 

Let’s Talk About Bullies

I’ve had run-ins with quite a few bullies over the years. Now, as I am getting older and wiser, I’ve learned to avoid bullies. How do I do this, by not allowing them into my life. (This was much harder to do in school.)

Let’s Talk About the Fidget Spinner Craze

Some of us were fidgeting long before these spinners came into the picture. All of the sudden these things are everywhere. This week I check out my first fidget spinner, in an attempt to figure out what all the fuss is about.

Coming Home – The Road to Writing

Written words are enchanting magic spells, casting thoughts out into the wider world. As I relax into a quiet space behind my keyboard something miraculous happens.

Many people complain about how much they hate writing papers, but my experience with writing (typing) has been very different.