Autism, Mental Health, & Neurodiversity Resources

An ever growing list of helpful websites.


Autistic Not Weird 

Autistic UK

Autistic Allies

Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM

AUsome Ireland

Autism Appreciation

Blooming with Autism

Choosing Therapy

Differently Wired



Respectfully Connected

The Autistic Avenger

Spectrum Women Magazine 

The Art of Autism

The Autistic Cooperative

The Silent Wave Blog

The Autistic Wolf

The Autistic Advocate

The Neurodivergent Teacher

In the Loop About Neurodiversity

My Unique Journey / Retrophiliac


Thrive With Asperger’s


Kristy Forbes – Autism & Neurodiversity Support Specialist

Wrong Planet

Fierce Autistics and Allies

The Autism Police

The Neurodiverse Woman

Lydia X. Z. Brown – Autistic Hoya

Yenn Purkis’ Autism Books and Other Things

ABA Resources

I Abused Children For A Living

I Abused Children For A Living and So do YOU: A Response to an ABA Apologist

ABA on The Aspergian

Is ABA REALLY “Dog Training For Children”?

Invisible Abuse: ABA and the Things Only Autistic People Can See

Compliance is not the goal: Letting go of control and rethinking support for autistic individuals

10 Rhetorics of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

How much compliance is too much compliance: Is long-term ABA therapy abuse?

Better Ways than ABA Facebook Page

Would You Accept This Behavior Towards a Non-Autistic Child?

The Misbehaviors of Behaviorists 

My Thoughts on ABA, By Amy Sequenzia

Safe places online for Parents of Autistic children to learn about Autism

Mental Health Resources

Choosing Therapy – Mental Health Awareness Month: Causes We Care About

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