Two Minute Talks – Eat Like Crap Feel Like Crap

Eat good to feel good. I've tried a lot of diets, vegan, vegetarian, organic, raw, juice fasting, and now Keto. No matter what I eat I feel best when I do more healthy, raw, made from scratch, organic, whole foods. The Keto diet has been great for me but everybody is different. I do know we all should cut back on sugar.

My Naked Face – 6 Weeks on the Keto Diet

I wouldn't normally shoot a video without makeup intentionally. I had been waiting to shoot this one fresh-faced. I've suffered from chronic acne since puberty. Now, after 6 weeks on the Keto diet, my skin has NEVER looked better. I must say I feel a bit better in my own skin now.

Cleaning Up Your Own Messes – Are You a Thief?

Stealing is stealing. When you steal from someone you place yourself above them, saying “my needs are more important than yours”. When you steal time from someone you say, “my time on earth is more valuable than yours”. Stealing someone’s things is also stealing someone’s time because they most likely had to work and put in the time to earn whatever you’ve stolen.

Is The Modern Lifestyle Deadly? – Returning to a Natural Rythm

The way we live is out of tune with nature. Everything is artificial, fluorescent lights, recirculated air, and genetically modified foods. What happened to the sun, a fresh breeze and food made the old fashioned way. Is anything real these days? Does anybody care? Our ancestors used up physical energy harvesting foods and hunting, they earned every calorie they took in. Nothing was handed to them on a plate and everything was fresh. They ate real, organic, whole foods, exercised constantly and spent most of their time outdoors.