Neurodivergent Rebel’s Autistic Solo Travel – Autism at Work – Austin to Florida

Part one of 2! Stay tuned for more!!!! Transcript [Intro music]   Speaker 1: Hey guys, it is– what is it? Wednesday. I am– I’m packing for Autism at Work in Florida. I need to leave home tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. so that I can get to the airport by 6:00 a.m. so that IContinue reading “Neurodivergent Rebel’s Autistic Solo Travel – Autism at Work – Austin to Florida”

An Autistic Visually Stimming

It’s like visual ASMR, I guess.  You know how people say ASMR gives you a relaxing, pleasant sensation that helps you go to bed?  I watch slime videos and glitter videos and visual stim videos before bed, almost every day on Instagram, and it’s how I fall asleep. 

An Autistic Stimming – Why ANYTHING Can be a Stim Tool

Do you pick up random objects and stim with them? Just anything and everything? I do. Let me know in the comments below what are you favourite household objects to stim with?

An Autistic Perspective – Stimming & Masking

Those stims that I do when I’m trying to be quiet and still, and not disruptive, tend to actually be stims that aren’t very good for me, like ripping off my fingernails, and things that hurt.  So, it’s much better to let my body just stim naturally.

Autistic Stimming – My First Chewy Necklace

And now I’m engaging in a behaviour that is better for my health.  I’m a little self-conscious, I need to admit, that I am an adult chewing on something, but I’m going to get over that because this is just so much better for me than biting holes in my lips and mouth.