An Autistic Perspective – Disclosing & Accommodations

At first, some people may feel the urge to run around and tell everybody this new information when they find out they’re autistic.  However, disclosing can be very tricky, especially in the workplace.

The Autistic Sensory Spectrum – Featuring Stimming: The great, the good, and the ugly

The Autistic Sensory Spectrum – Live at Honestly Autism Day 2019 – talking about Stimmig, Sensory Processing, Regulation, and Harmful Stims   Transcription Christa Holmans: Um, so, I’m, thank you so much for being here today. Uh, my name is Christa Holmans, I’m the Neurodivergent Rebel, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about theContinue reading “The Autistic Sensory Spectrum – Featuring Stimming: The great, the good, and the ugly”

What Autistic Kids Need From an Autistic Adult

The first thing that I think all autistic kids need, would be loving, caring, encouraging and supportive parents who are willing to help their kids learn to do what they’re good at and encourage them to do the things that they love and that bring them joy. 

Autistic Relationship Advice – #ActuallyAutistic Conversations on Twitter

#ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics – are you in a romantic relationship? What is the most difficult part of being involved with someone?   206 comments & counting –  Join in on the conversation HERE on Twitter.

You Can’t Be Autistic Because. . . You Have Empathy

You Can’t Be Autistic Because. . . You Have Empathy – This is one of the autism myths bugs me the most. Have you heard this one? #AskingAutistics     #ActuallyAutistic #YouCantBeAutisticBecause #Neurodiversity #Empathy

An Autistic Perspective – Communication Styles

A few thoughts on communications styles. Do you find yourself needing to adapt your own communication in order to accommodate other people’s communication styles?  

An Autistic Perspective – What is Autistic Masking? #TakeTheMaskOff

I was honored to be invited into the #TakeTheMaskOff conversation on Facebook earlier this week. Our one hour long live video inspired the video below. This week I talk about my personal experience with autistic masking – sometimes referred to as autistic passing.     YouTube CC help from Shauna Gordon @gordondev AutisticScienceLady @AspieHuman Continue reading “An Autistic Perspective – What is Autistic Masking? #TakeTheMaskOff”

Autistic Sexuality – My Personal Experience

‘I can’t believe I’m doing this. . . In Honor of Pride – I’m talking about my sexuality. No turning back now – This week’s video I talk about my personal experience with sexuality.   If you enjoyed this video please check out part one talking about my gender experience HERE.    

Bullying in the #ActuallyAutistic Community

It is really disheartening. The amount of bullying…and…lashing out… and nastiness…that I am seeing and that I have seen the last few weeks and months within the online autism community. It really makes me sad that people are putting so much time and energy and effort into tearing each other down instead of lifting each other up.

Let’s Talk About How to Stop Taking Things Personally

Reader requested content. Some tips for how to “not take things personally” – a few of my thoughts.