An Autistic Perspective – Stimming & Masking

Those stims that I do when I’m trying to be quiet and still, and not disruptive, tend to actually be stims that aren’t very good for me, like ripping off my fingernails, and things that hurt.  So, it’s much better to let my body just stim naturally.

10 Reasons We Need Autistic Pride

Autistic Pride isn’t just about celebrating who we are. It’s also about coming together, remembering those we’ve lost, and working together towards a brighter future for future generations of autistic and other neurodivergent people.

The Autistic Sensory Spectrum – Featuring Stimming: The great, the good, and the ugly

The Autistic Sensory Spectrum – Live at Honestly Autism Day 2019 – talking about Stimmig, Sensory Processing, Regulation, and Harmful Stims   Transcription Christa Holmans: Um, so, I’m, thank you so much for being here today. Uh, my name is Christa Holmans, I’m the Neurodivergent Rebel, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about theContinue reading “The Autistic Sensory Spectrum – Featuring Stimming: The great, the good, and the ugly”

Neurodivergent Rebel Honestly Autism Q&A – Q&A from Honestly Autism Day Morning Session

I had the extreme pleasure of being invited to speak at the 10th annual Honestly Autism Day on April 6, 2019. The conference was amazing. I encourage you to check it out if you are ever in the area. Here is some BTS footage of the Q&A from the first presentation. If you did notContinue reading “Neurodivergent Rebel Honestly Autism Q&A – Q&A from Honestly Autism Day Morning Session”

Interviewing Myself – Disclosing Autism During a Job Interview

I want to say that this might not be right for everyone.  There are just some situations where unfortunately, for one reason or another, it just may not be safe for someone to be openly autistic because there are still plenty of stigma and misinformation out there.  But those of us who are able to be openly autistic, it’s important because we do need to correct that misinformation.  And just by existing and being honest and open with the world, we have the opportunity to do that. 

I Wish People Understood – Autistic Strengths & Weaknesses

For me, I’m highly, highly capable, and even more capable than a lot of people I know – neurotypical, autistic, or otherwise – in certain areas that are my areas of expertise.  . . but then sometimes there are just other things where I can appear completely and totally – maybe emotionally – immature.

Autism and Late Diagnosis – I Wish I’d Known – the Importance of Movement and Stimming

Inspired by #ActuallyAutistic Twitter conversations. Things I wish I’d known when I was first diagnosed autistic.  

Visually Autistic – An “Autistic Look”? -#ActuallyAutistic Conversations on Twitter

I know, technically, autism doesn’t have “a look” but there are DEFINITELY occasions where I would call myself “visibly autistic” – mostly when my guard is down or if I am suddenly overwhelmed with strong emotions – be them joy, fear, or sorrow. Anyone relate? #AskingAutistics     61 comments & counting –  Join in onContinue reading “Visually Autistic – An “Autistic Look”? -#ActuallyAutistic Conversations on Twitter”