A purple book cover with the words Workplace NeuroDiversity Rising in the top middle, in a bold blocky font. Above that is the icon of a brain above white texts that reads Lyric Rivera NeuroDivergent rebel above an off-white box that includes text that reads neuroDiversity = all brains neurodivergent and NeuroTypical working together and supporting each other - and a pale teal and purple box at the bottom with dark purple text that reads “rethinking Workplace policy and culture to include people with diverse brains, and create workplaces where NeuroDivergent (and NeuroTypical) team members shine

Workplace NeuroDiversity Rising – Start Making Immediate Changes to the World Around You

Workplace NeuroDiversity Rising, named “trend for 2023” and praised in Forbes as “an excellent ‘how to manual’ based on lived experience and professional competence”.

Lyric, a pale skinned multiracial, nonbinary human, with short green hair and shaved sides is sitting on a bench in front of a brick building that says "school of business" - in Lyric's hand is a purple book with a pink brain on it that says Workplace NeuroDiversity Rising
Photo of Lyric, posing with their book, Workplace NeuroDiversity Rising, on a bench outside at a business school campus.

Lyric Rivera, Educator, Consultant, and Author of the best-selling business ethic’s book, Workplace Neurodiversity Rising.

Lyric also is the owner of NeuroDivergent Consulting, and runs the internationally recognized NeuroDivergent Rebel blog.

This book was written, specifically for organizations who want to be more inclusive of NeuroDivergent People, but I’ve tried to write this guide in a way so that it will be universally applicable in many scenarios.

Workplace NeuroDiversity Rising is intended to be a tool that can help ANYONE who wants to make the world, or the spaces around them more inclusive for NeuroDivergent (and all) People, in organizations, communities, schools, and beyond.

I’ve been working with organizations for years, but I’m only one person, and there is a LOT of work that needs to be done to fix the world, and our workplaces. I hope this easy to read, affordable, guide will be a valuable tool, offering clear guidance, that can help those who read it start making immediate changes to the spaces around them.

With Love and Gratitude,

– Lyric

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  1. I’d remembered a conversation had a out animosity to tye phrase “you get what you get and don’t throw a fit”: I’m trying to explain this to my supports. Help with the phrasing please?

  2. Is this boom geared solely towards white collar office type jobs or would any of it be beneficial to a blue collar trades worker?

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