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Makeup or No Makeup? Hair or No Hair?

I recently watched and shared two Buzzfeed videos.

In one video women go without makeup for a week and in the other video women go bald for a day. Both videos challenge what our society typically tells us is beautiful and feminine, makeup and long flowing hair.

Some of the women were not sure how they would feel once stripped down, but I feel like the women were beautiful with or without their adornments.

I’ve always wanted to be bald, although I’ve never made the leap to shaving my head. This longing for a shaved head grew as I studied Buddhism and the monks with their shaved heads and clean faces.

Hair and makeup help us to express our own identities, however, one of the main goals in Buddhism is eliminating the ego or self. Being barefaced and without hair would be a great way to wash away delusions of individuality.

We love our uniqueness so much. We cling to ourselves and I cling to my brightly colored hair and winged cat-eye liner.

Cutting off over 14 inches of hair also greatly simplified my life and I’ve recently drastically cut my makeup routine down to 3 steps. Powder, to prevent breakouts, liner, and mascara. No blush, no eyeshadow, just 3 steps and I’m  out the door.

I’ve got my war paint on. Just enough of a mask so that I feel human. Enough character in my liner to still feel magical. Venturing out into the world ready for anything.

Would I be as bold if I were bald? Goodness, I hope so!