All About Autistic Meltdowns & Shutdowns (Audio Only)


Last week I posted a very short video explaining what autistic meltdowns and shutdowns are in just over two minutes. Since posting I’ve had some questions so this week I took the time to answer a few reader questions in this audio clip.


9 thoughts on “All About Autistic Meltdowns & Shutdowns (Audio Only)

  1. yesterday I making a delivery, I borderline aspergers, normal thinking with many asperger traits, went into store and manager asking me about previous delivery invoice, which I knew I could not provide, I told her to call office, finished delivery got checked in, after an hour time anxiety, she asked again, I loaded up empty crates and left, walked away, is that a meltdown?

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  2. Can you do another installment on meltdowns/shutdowns in kids? I would like to know what, as a kid, would have helped you (or other neurodivergent kids) during a meltdown. (I’m an HFA mom…NOT the annoying type. I just raise my kid and go about my business.) (BTW, I love your hair.)

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