An #ActuallyAutistic Perspective on Unmasking, Engagement, & Auditory Processing

I’m talking about Auditory Processing, Unmasking, Stimming, and the impact of dropping the mask in social situations.

#ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics – can anyone relate?

Shout out to NeuroGuides – for doing GREAT things!!!


Published by Christa Holmans - Neurodivergent Rebel

Christa Holmans, an autistic self-advocate from Texas, runs the the internationally recognized neurodiversity lifestyle blog Neurodivergent Rebel. Neurodivergent Rebel opened her blog in 2016 as a way to introduce people unfamiliar with autism to neurodiversity. Her blog, which is sometimes released in written format and also via YouTube video, explores the ideology of neurodiversity and the creative expressions of autistic people. Holmans’ blog pushes for acceptance of neurological differences and respect for the autonomy of neurodivergent people. Holmans is also known as the pioneer of the #askingautistics hashtag, which is often accompanied by a short question about everyday autistic experiences. This simple hashtag connects neurodivergent people who would not otherwise have a reason to engage with each other to foster understanding of the autistic experience.

2 thoughts on “An #ActuallyAutistic Perspective on Unmasking, Engagement, & Auditory Processing

  1. I wanted to comment then clicked through and had to reset password and lost everything I wrote but nevertheless lol I want to comment. Your video was very informative and helpful if I could just let myself not mask but I am so frightened because in most cases it brings bad results. Also if I tell someone I autistic I get the dreaded “oh it must be mild” or “you don’t look autistic”comments. Failing that they compare me to someone they know and make assumptions. Feels like I can’t win but it makes sense that if all of your resources and energy weren’t going to masking that the noises/environment might become less of a blur. Thanks for the great video


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