An #ActuallyAutistic Perspective on Unmasking, Engagement, & Auditory Processing

I’m talking about Auditory Processing, Unmasking, Stimming, and the impact of dropping the mask in social situations.

#ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics – can anyone relate?

Shout out to NeuroGuides – for doing GREAT things!!!


2 thoughts on “An #ActuallyAutistic Perspective on Unmasking, Engagement, & Auditory Processing

  1. Have you considered posting transcripts or summaries of videos on your WordPress blog, for those of us who can’t view a video at the time?

  2. I wanted to comment then clicked through and had to reset password and lost everything I wrote but nevertheless lol I want to comment. Your video was very informative and helpful if I could just let myself not mask but I am so frightened because in most cases it brings bad results. Also if I tell someone I autistic I get the dreaded “oh it must be mild” or “you don’t look autistic”comments. Failing that they compare me to someone they know and make assumptions. Feels like I can’t win but it makes sense that if all of your resources and energy weren’t going to masking that the noises/environment might become less of a blur. Thanks for the great video

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