Free Autism/Disability Media Representation webinar on 3/30

This is a post to let you all know about our upcoming Autistics’ Roundtable Webinar, next week on Tuesday. The topic for March’s installment is the media’s representation of autism specifically and disability broadly.

To kick off the event, Claire will present the history of autism/neurodiversity on screen(and you can read an article she wrote for the Tennessean on disability in the media at this link!).

The Autistics’ Roundtable Webinar – Autism + Disability Representation on Screen with Claire Barnett, Hari Srinivasan, & Christa Holmans – Tuesday, March 30th 10am-11am CST – Anyone is welcome! Email for more information.

After the presentation portion, we’ll have a dynamic discussion with our panelists. This month, they are UC Berkeley student Hari Srinivasan and neurodiversity consultant Christa Holmans. Hari has been recognized nationally for his work as a non-speaking autistic advocate (including on former President Obama’s Instagram account!). Christa, better known as Neurodivergent Rebel, is an impactful voice on multiple social media platforms. You can find them on Instagram at @NeurodivergentRebel and YouTube under “Neurodivergent Rebel.”

There is no need to register in advance. Simply use this link to join the event at 10am (central time) on Tuesday, Match 30th: The webinar will last approximately one hour. The event flyer is attached, and you are welcome to share it with anyone you know who may be interested in attending! All are invited.

Please email if you have questions or require assistance.

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