Today’s Autistic Moment: Autistic Adults and Gaslighting

I recently was invited to participate in an interview on a podcast, Today’s Autistic Moment, to talk about Autistic Adults and Gaslighting – a form of manipulation and abuse by which the abuser makes the individual being abused doubt their own reality.

Program scripts and Interview Transcripts are available at  My guest Leah Bauman-Smith and I will have a frank conversation about the matter of consent and sexuality, with very sensitive content that may be triggering and therefore not appropriate for all audiences.  Listener discretion is advised.  Consent is more than just saying yes or no to sexual activity.  Consent for many Autistic Adults applies to being asked if someone can shake their hand, give them a hug and having their decisions respected without the fear of coercion or exploitation. Autistic Adults regardless of their ability to verbalize have just as much right to give their consent as anyone else. Yet, too many Autistic Adults regardless of the level of their support needs have had their right to consent violated.  On the other hand, too many Autistic Adults unfortunately have a sex offender violation to their name, because of a lack of sex education and a healthy social environment to help them make better choices. Leah Bauman-Smith joins me for this very upfront discussion about consent for Autistic Adults.    — Support this podcast:
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A Program Script and Interview Transcript for this show can be found on

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation and abuse by which the abuser makes the individual being abused doubt their own reality. Gaslighting occurs by lies and cover ups designed to suggest that the person experiencing the abuse has no understanding of themselves, who they are, what they need and how to manage relationships and their everyday lives.

Autistic Adults experience gaslighting with regards to their sensory processing, questioning whether they are Autistic at all, and spoken to as if they are incompetent at living their lives.

Lyric Holmans, the Neurodivergent Rebel joins Philip to talk about what gaslighting is, and how to self advocate to do some self healing and protect themselves.

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