A purple book cover with the words Workplace NeuroDiversity Rising in the top middle, in a bold blocky font. Above that is the icon of a brain above white texts that reads Lyric Rivera NeuroDivergent rebel above an off-white box that includes text that reads neuroDiversity = all brains neurodivergent and NeuroTypical working together and supporting each other - and a pale teal and purple box at the bottom with dark purple text that reads “rethinking Workplace policy and culture to include people with diverse brains, and create workplaces where NeuroDivergent (and NeuroTypical) team members shine

First Edition Books? … and Paperback Books are Back!

Hey All, Lyric here – some of you may have noticed that physical copies of my book have been unavailable recently…. and I am THRILLED to announce that physical copies are BACK IN STOCK NOW!

What happened, where did they go?

Well… it was brought to my attention that the first edition of my book had a few print errors on it.

To those of you (less than 100 people) who have gotten their hands on the first editions of my book, I want to thank you for your purchase.

For the misprint books: Some of you have expressed wanting to keep them as a collectors item, and I am honored you would want to collect the book in this way.

However, if anyone reading this has a mis-print book, and you would like it replaced, please let me know via the contact tab below, and together we will determine what that process looks like.

Now that the books are back…. HOW CAN YOU HELP?

Lyric, a pale skinned multiracial, nonbinary human, with short green hair and shaved sides is sitting on a bench in front of a brick building that says "school of business" - in Lyric's hand is a purple book with a pink brain on it that says Workplace NeuroDiversity Rising

I currently need help sharing this book (since social media often does not let promotional posts reach far most of the time). This is possibly my biggest need, and would be an amazing way to support my work on a budget.


📚Call your local libraries and book stores and ask them to carry our book (I am saying OUR book because I couldn’t have done it without you all).

💕 If you are able to purchase one book that would be amazing… if you can also purchase one for a friend, your boss, universities, businesses, managers of public spaces that need work, to get it into the hands of those who need the information, it would be above and beyond amazing.

🫶🏼 One of my readers suggested sending physical copies to current/former employees we know could use the information. I love this idea!

Link: https://bit.ly/NeuroDiversityKindle


💰 If you work in an organization and plan to use this book to make changes there, before YOU buy it with your own money, ask your employer if they will buy the book as an expense. A lot of time if it benefits an organization they will pay to educate their members or provide resources that make peoples tasks easier- but you have to know to ask. 😇

🎧 If you want the audio book, it’s going to be a bit longer as I plan to record it myself. I’m currently funding this project, if you would like to subscribe here on Facebook, your support will help me with the creation of the audio book.

If you have ever wondered, or asked, how you could support my work, sharing this post, and/or buying a book (or a few) would be EXTREMELY helpful.

Thank you ALL so very much for all your support over the years.

Also, thank you so much to my monetary subscribers & supporters (on all platforms), you have literally made this book possible.

💜 With love and gratitude,

– Lyric

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