Morning Musings Feet on the Ground – The Peaceful Warrior 

When you feel you are about to say something without being able to think because you are losing your ability to focus. It becomes hard to comprehend your situation and you panic.

That is anxiety. Learn to recognize it and it will lose its hold over you.

If that happens, close your eyes and think about your feet. Think about how they feel on the floor, in your shoes. Breathe quietly with your eyes closed and calmly look for the facts in the situation around you.

Don’t allow others to rush your speech. Take all the time you need to think. Gather your words. Sometimes you may decide that no words are best.

If a situation is truly too much or dangerous – leave.

Be a passive warrior. Fighting is never helpful or productive

16 thoughts on “Morning Musings Feet on the Ground – The Peaceful Warrior 

  1. Many times I take so long to get my reply together in my head that too much time has gone by to say it. I end up quiet. I had Selective Mutism as a child when my anxiety was much greater, but today, I still hesitate over my words for a number of reasons.

    “Sometimes you may decide that no words are best” – That’s such a true line.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. This is kind of one of my ‘resolutions’, although in slightly different fashion.

    Have always felt that in life, we often, at least nowadays, share our emotions, speak, or rush through things rather quicker than we could/should. For me, personally, its not just about my work, although its the main driver, but its about everything that goes with not being rushed from a mindfulness perspective. Am definitely a lot more calmer, thoughtful, logical individual when time is taken, rather than having someone plowing down your tracks for whatever reason.

    By the way, have you ever read Zen Mind, Beginner’s mind? Anyways, great post.

    1. Great Book! Yes! Mindfulness has really changed my life and helped to calm anxiety and clear my head. I am more relaxed and make better decisions when I have mindfulness. It is truly amazing!

      1. Yep! Yeah indeed. Completely know where you’re coming from. It’s helped me greatest in health [physical] but am attempting now to use it more in a mental fashion. Although would venture to say its quite limitless what we can accomplish with it, but that’s just an educated guess.

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