Fight, Flight, Freeze – An Autistic Perspective – the Fight or Flight Response

If there’s danger, those signals are supposed to tell you to run away or protect yourself.  But unfortunately, for some people, for different reasons, that fight or flight response might be being triggered in situations that aren’t useful. . .

Autistic Enigma – My Weaknesses, A Peek Behind the Curtain

People ask about the hard parts.

Is autism a disability? It can be.

Is it all sunshine and rainbows? No.

Unpacking Anxiety: Self Doubt and Perfectionism – an Autistic Perspective

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Autistic Meltdowns, Shutdowns, & Tantrums, oh my!

To the untrained eye, a meltdown can look like a tantrum, but the reality of what is happening to someone having a meltdown is very different. Meltdowns and shutdowns can be a result of sensory overload, physical and mental exhaustion, triggered by acute stress, or depleted energy reserves.

Company Policies That Keep Neurodivergent Employees Out of the Workplace

Employers claim they want to be more inclusive but often fall short when policies and company culture are set up in a way that is can be off-putting for neurodivergent employees.

Are your company policies unintentionally discriminating against autistic and neurodivergent employees?