My Vivid Senses

The wonderful world of perceptions. Laity I’ve been fascinated by all of the different types of minds (human, animal, and other). I can only share from one perspective, my own. Today I would like to share a part of my experience. These are my vivid senses.


5 thoughts on “My Vivid Senses

  1. I absolutely relate to this. Thanks for sharing. It’s awesome to know there are others out there that have these experiences.

  2. Hi, this is fascinating, about smelling something leading to an image and even the taste sensation. You may want to look into the research on HSP (Highly Sensitive Persons). It is said to be 15% of humans or so, but in my experience (running a meetup group where HSPs meet), among our 15% there a range of different sensitivities and intensities. (For some people they are more sensitive to light, some to sound, emotions, etc.) Fascinating stuff! 🙂

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