Neurodiversity at Work – Neurodivergent Rebel at Autism at Work Florida (Oct 2019)

Transcription [music playing]   Female speaker 1: Good morning. It is day 2 and I am almost ready to call my Uber for– so I can get– for so I can get myself what? So I can get myself over to the venue for Autism at Work uhhm because my hotel– it’s not at aContinue reading “Neurodiversity at Work – Neurodivergent Rebel at Autism at Work Florida (Oct 2019)”

Neurodivergent Rebel’s Autistic Solo Travel – Autism at Work – Austin to Florida

Part one of 2! Stay tuned for more!!!! Transcript [Intro music]   Speaker 1: Hey guys, it is– what is it? Wednesday. I am– I’m packing for Autism at Work in Florida. I need to leave home tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. so that I can get to the airport by 6:00 a.m. so that IContinue reading “Neurodivergent Rebel’s Autistic Solo Travel – Autism at Work – Austin to Florida”

BTS Autistic Travel & Public Speaking – Austin to Baltimore

Behind the scenes footage of my recent trip to Baltimore to speak at Honestly Autism Day. Should I do more vlog-style videos?     Transcript It is just after 1am, and I am getting ready to go to the airport.  Oh, I’m not awake.  I want to go back to sleep. David dropped me offContinue reading “BTS Autistic Travel & Public Speaking – Austin to Baltimore”

First Video of 2019 – Some EXCITING Announcements

My first video of 2019 – some very exciting updates about things to come in the new year. 


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The BIG Announcement – Big BIG Bus – Sold the House Bought an RV – Our First Day Full-Time RV Living

I’m very excited to announce that David and I have started a new channel, a joint venture, check us out on our Blog, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop posting content here. The Neurodivergent Rebel blog is here to stay. 

No Video – Except THIS One Explaining Why There is No Video

My personal goal is to shoot one video every week. Even if it’s just a short video but I do like to prep and brainstorm and put a lot of effort into my content. Unfortunately this weeks video is it admission that I did not make time to put all the work into making a proper video. I’ll be back with the new video next week. Stay tuned!