Two Blogs, a Neurodiversity Blog & an RV Living Blog

The Neurodivergent Rebel Blog is here to stay! Now there are two channels – be sure to check out the channel that David and I are working on together at



We’re going on adventures. I’m beyond thrilled to be working this new content with my best friend and partner, David Rivera. His creative eye for detail will be a huge asset to the project.

Did you catch our first video? I’ll include it below so it’s easy to locate. Be sure to subscribe on both channels so you don’t miss out.



7 thoughts on “Two Blogs, a Neurodiversity Blog & an RV Living Blog

  1. The RV living thing seems like such an amazing idea! My partner and I have always thought about doing something like this — saving up and just dropping things to tour the country and live a life on the road. It’s really neat to see someone actually doing it. Go chase your dreams!

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