6 thoughts on “I Got 2 Fidgi Pens in the Mail – Here Are My Thoughts

  1. I didn’t know about Fidgi-Pens! Thank you!!! I want three (because I lose pens like there’s a prize.) I’ll wait to find out where I can get them so I can get a pre-tested pink one. Heh. You’re so awesome!!!

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      1. Kickstarter is where I got my Fidget Cubes, too. I’m going to get one and keep it on a necklace so I don’t lose it. (At least not on the first day.) (Knockoffs confuse me because I don’t understand how it’s legal, so nope.) Thank you!!!

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  2. Site_ loads easily, crisp and clean.
    Fidgi pen_love the spinner but tempted by velvet touch + cannot [on principle] buy pink.
    Interested to know price, but since you had to wait a long time for delivery=probably not arrive in time for Xmas. 😉📚

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