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Let’s Talk About the Fidget Spinner Craze

This week I check out my first fidget spinner, in an attempt to figure out what all the fuss is about.

Some of us were fidgeting long before the revolving metal discs came whirling into the picture. All of the sudden fidget toys and spinners are everywhere.

As I pick up the small black tool and twirl it between my pointer finger and thumb, I have mixed feelings. The heavy cold metal zings and vibrates, resonating into my fingertips.

On one hand, the whoosh of the quivering metal is soothing. The fan-like rotation is also quite enjoyable, reminiscent of the shimmering pinwheels I adored in childhood.

Spinners are everywhere. They have invaded playgrounds, classrooms, and memes all over the world. Kids collect them like Pogs, do tricks with them like yo-yos, and flinging them across classrooms.

Somehow spinners have caught on, becoming the new “cool toy” and everybody wants one. Completely out of control, the fidget fad is booming, leaving many people who were “fidgeting before it was cool” with mixed feelings.

I hope this will give way to more teachers allowing movement in class.

When I was in school hands had to be still. You were not allowed to play with pencils or strum your fingers, even if you did so quietly.

One teacher, a stern old fashioned woman who seemed to have it out for me, made me sit on my hands to keep them still. I remember the hard wooden chair painfully pressing into my boney knuckles.

At first, when I stopped my hands my legs would jump, bouncing up and down, under the desk. “Do you have to go to the bathroom?” the teacher asked in front of everyone, “You look like you are doing a pee dance. Go to the bathroom or knock it off!”

Keeping my hands under control was hard work.  Eventually, I learned that my hands could be moving under the desk or table, as long as the teacher didn’t notice.

Little has changed. I think best when actively relaxed, allowing my body to move naturally. As an adult you find more acceptable things go play with, rings, necklaces, pens, and cell phones. Holding something in my hand keeps me grounded, helping me to stay present and mindful. Often I will pop and rub my fingers quietly if I find myself empty handed.

When I was young there were no fidget spinners, being the squirmy kids who couldn’t sit still was not cool or trendy either. Funny to see how things have changed.

Is this a door to widening acceptance or simply a gross misuse of a well intended too?



Where Can I Find That? – Affordable Fidgets

I love sharing my favorite products and finds. From time to time people ask “Where’d you get that?” This week I share some affordable and highly rated fidget / stim tools.



Think Ink Pen – $12.99 with FREE shipping through Amazon Prime.

  • Made of Premium stainless steel, the magnetic metal pen can be twist, spin, side and flex smoothly and discreetly.



Flippy Key Chain (2 Pieces) – $7.79 with FREE Prime shipping

  • Pocket sized and durable. The perfect way to stay focused quietly discreetly.



Fidget Cube – $8.95 with FREE Amazon Prime shipping

  • Made with high-quality plastic, our fidget cube is designed to travel easily in your pocket.



Fidget Dodecagon – 12 Sided Fidget – $13.99 with FREE Amazon Prime shipping

  • 12 SIDES TO FIDGET WITH: clicker buttons; a joystick; a light-switch flip; a flat, worry stone-like surface; gears and a rolling ball; and a spinning dial.



Desktop Magnetic Sculpture – $9.99 with FREE Amazon Prime shipping

  • Desktop Magnetic Sculpture with Set of 170 stainless steel balls of different sizes and a magnetic base.



Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit – $19.99 & FREE Prime shipping

  • Kit includes 5 tins of clear putty, 3 color-concentrated putties, 3 special-effects putties, 6 colored pencils, 5 customizable tin labels, & mixing mat.



Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty – Super Magnetic Strange Attractor – $14.97 & FREE Prime shipping through Amazon.com

  • Deep black with subtle green sparkles, this slightly stiffer Thinking Putty has a mind of its own. Near a powerful magnet it comes alive.



Elongdi Fidget Spinner Aluminum Durable EDC Hand Spinner – $16.99 with FREE Amazon Prime Shipping

  • Unlike other plastic spinners, this product is made of premium aluminum. It has a brushed Metal face for durability. Grooved design perfectly fits your hand/fingers.



Vicus Rexx Fidget Hand Spinner – $14.97 with FREE shipping through Amazon Prime.

  • Better Grip Caps & Ceramic Bearings For More Satisfying Spin


Finally a Discrete Fidget Tool For Adults

Fidget Spinners are blowing up right now. It is funny to see these toys go mainstream. Those flashy pieces are not for everyone.

If you prefer a more refined, grownup looking, focusing tool, this could be a better option.

Find it HERE on Amazon.

(Warning: Metal clicking/scraping sound – sorry.)