Finally a Discrete Fidget Tool For Adults

Fidget Spinners are blowing up right now. It is funny to see these toys go mainstream. Those flashy pieces are not for everyone.

If you prefer a more refined, grownup looking, focusing tool, this could be a better option.

Find it HERE on Amazon.

(Warning: Metal clicking/scraping sound – sorry.)

18 thoughts on “Finally a Discrete Fidget Tool For Adults

  1. This IS really cool! This definitely is a great alternative to noisy clicking of your pen as well, Fidgeting with the spring I would imagine would be much more discreet!

  2. The Fidget Spinners for some strange reason. Did help me calm down. My grandpa passed away last month. My little nephews told me to try the Fidget Spinners, and it calm and relaxed me. It only worked for while though.

    Now, as for the pen goes. That seems more relaxing fun to play with as the magnets go. Thank you for making this video. Plus, I’ve now become a fan of your videos and your blog. So glad I followed your page and also, thank you for liking and reading my poem and for following back as well.

    Curious, are you into poetry? Or just some poetry?

    1. I am going to review the fidget spinner whenever it gets here. In the meantime I am already loving that pen. I’ll take it to the office with me tomorrow. I appreciate the follow on my blog / videos. Honestly I don’t know what I’m doing other than having fun sharing whatever pops into my mind. Not too into poetry, but mostly because I tend to obsess over non-fiction & fact collecting. Sometimes I like poems for a brain break.

          1. Cool. Cool.

            Well, just so you know…I’m no like most poets who write things that are the same.

            I’m always pushing for the weird, complex, absurd, sc-fi, surrealism, trip hallucinatory mind bend. 🙂 hahahaha!!! If this helps.

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