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Finally a Discrete Fidget Tool For Adults

Fidget Spinners are blowing up right now. It is funny to see these toys go mainstream. Those flashy pieces are not for everyone.

If you prefer a more refined, grownup looking, focusing tool, this could be a better option.

Find it HERE on Amazon.

(Warning: Metal clicking/scraping sound – sorry.)

Keto Icecream? – Halo Top Review

I’ve been hearing a LOT about Halo Top ice cream on social media over the past few weeks. Today we managed to find some at the new 365 by Whole Foods. It was delicious!

Sensory Friendly Lawn Mower – Greenworks Electric Lawn Mower Review

It is not loud and it doesn’t smell like gasoline.

We’ve been on the lookout for a used/discounted Greenworks Electric Lawn Mower for months.  Today was our lucky day & we found one used at our local pawn shop AND it has a warranty for 6 months!
Get yours here – http://amzn.to/2rfZQd9