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Take Care of Yourself

“You look like you take good care of yourself.” – What a strange thing to say to someone.

Self care is the deepest affection that you can show to yourself.

It has taken me years to get to where I am now in regards to self care. As I grow and age self care has become a much bigger priority for me.

Love yourself – YOU deserve it!


Keto Icecream? – Halo Top Review

I’ve been hearing a LOT about Halo Top ice cream on social media over the past few weeks. Today we managed to find some at the new 365 by Whole Foods. It was delicious!

365 – Whole Foods’ NEW Affordable Store in Cedar Park, TX

David​ and I got to explore the new 365 by Whole Foods Market (Cedar Park, TX)​ today and it was AMAZING!

How do we shop #cedarpark365 ? We vlog it! #GoodThings365 #organic #food #vlog

Why I Gave Up Coffee on Keto

I started Keto because I had a few health concerns. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

For the past 8-9 years, I’ve been a strict vegetarian (mostly vegan) with plenty of grains and carbs.  This new diet, full of healthy brain-nourishing fats was almost the opposite of my previous diet.

I LOVE the idea of being a morning person but I have always had difficulties getting out f bed. If I can manage to get myself up early and give myself time to shake off my sleepiness, calm and quiet mornings are amazing. Easier said than done.

Mornings have always been hard for me and, despite my best efforts, I may not ever be a morning person. My entire life I’ve suffered from trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and getting into deep sleep.  I don’t deep sleep as much as I should and am a VERY light sleeper.

Tossing and turning, too hot, too cold, sounds in the night – what time is it? Every hour or two it is something.  When I wake up I almost never feel rested. I’ve also always had this hard to describe “strange sick” feeling every morning as my brain struggles with the transition from sleep to wakefulness.

I’ve also always had this hard to describe “strange sick” feeling every morning as my brain struggles with the transition from sleep to wakefulness. Even now my mother recollects on how difficult of a time getting me out of bed for school growing up was.

Because of my chronic difficulties with sleep, I always try to go to bed extra early (even if it means laying in bed awake for a while) since I don’t function well when sleep deprived (the sick feeling often returns when I am tired).

Since middles school coffee has been the answer to my difficult mornings – jolting my brain into the day with a punch. I’d load it up with cream and sugar and be on my way.

Coffee is a vicious cycle. You perk up, you crash add sugar to the mix, even more problems arise. Always putting your body through hell, spiking and crashing. Some days I would drink an entire pot of coffee. Quad, soy, caramel, macchiatos were one of my favorites – four shots of espresso.

Once my body went into Ketosis coffee began to have a very different effect on me. Now even drinking one cup of coffee makes me shaky, and the caffeine really affects me. It’s too much – my brain races, heart flutters, and I have this feeling as if I need to run five miles to make the feeling stop.

At first, I could not believe it was my good friend coffee betraying me in this way. I didn’t want to accept the truth but after trying to have my cup of coffee on three separate occasions with the same unpleasant result I gave up.

Some people can handle coffee on keto – and can slam Bullet Proof Coffee every morning. My entire life I’ve always had strange sensitivities to chemicals and environmental triggers, so please don’t assume you will have the same reaction. Lots of people have coffee on Keto.

Listen to and respect your body.

I still drink tea but am careful not to over-do it. Some day coffee may be back on the menu for me but in the meantime because my body is saying “NO” loudly, this ketogenic hot chocolate is my new favorite.

Do you drink coffee on keto? Have you ever had that “overly caffinated” feeling? What is your goto beverage?

Keto Cake for Breakfast

I was raised on cake and ice cream. Our family tradition was gathering for cake and ice cream on on birthdays. Because many family members lived within a reasonable drive from one another there were many gatherings and more cake and ice cream than I can count or remember.

Due to my new restrictive diet, this birthday came and went with without cake. The keto diet doesn’t allow for cheating and almost everything we eat has to be made from scratch. I’ve got more experience with savory foods than sweets and had not found the confidence or time to pick up a new cake recipe yet.

This morning David woke up and decided to bake our first Ketogenic cake. It was delicious!

Happy belated birthday.

30th Birthday Shenanigans – Dancing in Our Kitchen a Keto Birthday

Stay young, stay silly, be joyful. When a few close friends get together things get silly fast.

I’ve got friends who are really freaking out about turning thirty but I am excited, feeling rebalanced, recharged, and ready to take on the next ten years.

Last night we had a three course Keto meal. We started with mozzarella sticks, fried avocados, and queso. For dinner, we had a pizza topped with avocado and red peppers. To round it out we finished off with vanilla ice cream. and mixed in a few dance moves, just for fun.

Overall it was an amazing birthday. After all, age is just a number and you’re only as old as you feel. I intend to have a good time.