We’re Thinking About Food All WRONG!

This week I talk about one of my own special areas if interest – FOOD.

You are what you eat – I don’t want to be cheap, fast, & easy. This week’s video talks about food and the problem with how we related to food & nutrition. Quality over quantity, my friends!

5 thoughts on “We’re Thinking About Food All WRONG!

  1. Great post! I agree completely. Also some people don’t realize is that more nutritional food can actually be more filling than junk or fast food. In that sense, you do save a bit more money. Or that making nutritional meals at home you can save in the long run with left overs etc. Quantity does not be taken into account at all anymore I don’t think. Like people don’t realize we do need a well balanced healthy diet. People often mistake this by like oh I will just eat salads and other typical nutritional foods you hear about. I am like nope, your body still needs every food category to be healthy, including protein be it you get it from meat or not. The problem is we just tend to eat too much meat in society, we need to just cut back on our proportions I think instead of cutting out certain foods all together in some cases. Not all of course. Like if you can cut out fast food completely that is an actual healthy life choice and you won’t suffer from doing so. xD If that makes sense.

    And omg fast food is like instant food coma for me. I don’t eat fast food often but a little while ago we went to McDonalds I was starving…I ordered from the dollar menu so it was cheap, but I ordered a lot of food so I don’t know if I saved anything in the end. xD Anyways I came home and instantly went to bed. A few months ago maybe a bit less? The hubby and I kind of splurged on too much fast food as it was time we needed convenience and low on money. it was probably the most fast food and junk I consumed in a short period of time in all of my life. This experience though made me realize we didn’t actually save any money and that I was so sick of eating fast food. Like the last time I went to McDonalds as I explained, I didn’t even really enjoy it. I think is what happened was I fell into the trap and was almost addicted to it for like a week or so and then I was like no this just makes me feel awful.

  2. Hmn… (rebellion). Methyl Anthranillate. (A.. component of artificial? Flavor? https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-is-the-difference-be-2002-07-29/ A general arrival that. But to my specific chemical 😉 yes! Let’s play “my favorite chemical!” Methyl anthranillate is? Birds lsd. Bird repellent. Right? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methyl_anthranilatehttps://www.nixalite.com/product/ecobird-fogging-repellent An example of product containing my favorite chemical. And a general furtherance to point (uses section) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methyl_anthranilate. A natural source: http://www.centerchem.com/Products/DownloadFile.aspx?FileID=6447. And another point circling back https://cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/81031/why-do-grape-flavored-foods-taste-different-than-actual-grapes. Now I’m not entirely sure on this one but I believe co2 extraction is consider legally artificial while say a Swiss water process of decaffeinating coffee is natural . Thus removing say safrole from sassafras considered carcinogenic by USA FDA means all. Root beer is artificially flavored by law. Yet it isn’t necessarily artificial 😉 nor is the grape flavor either which does kinda make me laugh going ooo ooo jasmine tice! Yummmmmy! Lemme pay extra for them to pesticide my food for me ;). But you can get a juice a bunch of grapes too fruit roll ups no? Noooo corn syrup yes that’s right! But might I interest you in a Turkish delight? Corn flour turbines do glucose syrup flavored often with rose water and dyed any color. But at heart hear this delight https://www.luxos.com/istanbul/food-and-drinks/3866-turkish-delight predates by hundreds of years high fructose corn syrup but not corn syrup which is? Natural. And yet you and I both know this is an empty calories treat. But you know? I like them. I’m sure I’ll convince no one of my health now. 😉 we socially agree this and that are devil products but a quick bubble of sweet and starch yields candy-a delight or a quick spray of pesticide your overpriced rice at the Whole Foods.

    1. (You may sense distaste to your words -don’t I enjoyed this vid. But oh wow is it quickly complex out there! And I adore junk shopping at the nature stores ;). I also love seeing how a quick vid works for you. It’s inspirational there too even counting the hair fussing 😉 )

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