My Wish

I’ve been rolling these thoughts around in my head for months.


6 thoughts on “My Wish”

  1. Is it subconscious? What brings it out of people? I am sometimes caught off guard by even my girlfriend’s comments.
    The other day she reported, “there was a guy dressed in a freaking skirt, not a kilt, but an actual skirt. What the hell?”
    I responded by asking if she remembered which side of the river she was on. Good for him for feeling comfortable, and good for the city for allowing him to feel comfortable.
    Really what I wanted to say is, “what the hell is your problem with what someone else wears?” But that’s not how we talk to our significant others.
    I don’t understand how anyone can feel good about themselves being so judgemental about people they don’t even know or things that have no effect on their lives.

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  2. Anti-ribald policy.
    As the intolerant behaviours work by crowd psychology and by laughing down of rational reasoning, they involve having intimidatory boisterous mocking persona based on laughter, and a lot of comedy is conformist, instead of a calmly serious-minded listening persona. So they are summed up by the term “ribaldry”.


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