Nutrition Matters – Over a YEAR on Keto a Reflection on the Importance of Diet & Nutrition

8 thoughts on “Nutrition Matters – Over a YEAR on Keto a Reflection on the Importance of Diet & Nutrition

  1. No capacity yet to watch the full vid (I’m more text-based) but YES to posting on this. myself eating only whole foods (no sugar, nothing processed – even grind my own flour and bake paleo bread), last year switched to gluten and dairy free, increased fat and protein, and gradually tending towards keto-style (100% keto doesn’t seem to work for me, but i eat good-fat + protein + fiber based foods as much as possible with just a few carbs from root veggies or buckwheat / millet). not only got rid of eczema and PMS / fibrocystic breasts, but reduced meltdowns to a level where i can actually see their triggers / causes and somewhat deconstruct and avoid them (rather than being in constant and random emotional / mental chaos that was pretty much paralysing me previously for years or decades).

    1. This is GREAT! I am working my way off Keto but plan to keep to no alcohol, less caffeine, low sugar, and low carb. . . . I think carbs and sugar do bad things to me. Feeling better is a huge gift. ALSO – side note. I’m working on getting subtitles and transcriptions for all videos. It will be a process but looking forward to better accessibility for all!

      1. 🙂 it took many years for me. i think i quit sugar in 2014 or so … (still eating sweets like honey and fresh/dried fruit and making my own desserts that have a lot of fat not sugar – works for me as i really love sweet stuff). i also did a full two-year course in ayurvedic nutrition in between, sorting this out (tend to think the Vata-type recommendations would work for many autistic people). then finally bumped into (the book A Mind of Your Own, it focusses on depression but apparently helps autistic meltdowns, too).

        won’t hide tho that this takes a lot of time and effort (at least until a routine is established), if i had more commitments / work / social pressure i wouldn’t manage that.

        transcripts would be great. i’m not sure why often i can’t watch videos, it’s just like i already have (more than) enough moving pictures in my mind 🙂

  2. Btw. if it’s not too tasteless to self-promote, I actually wrote a long blog post on this inspired by what I learnt about individualised approaches to nutrition (Ayurveda, metabolic types, etc.). This was while regarding myself as (only) a hyper-sensitive and somehow stability-challenged empath who strongly responds to food, not realising I’m autistic and all of that stuff applies to autism too. Chronicles some of my own journey and discoveries. For nutrition nerds. 🙂

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