Why I Gave Up Coffee on Keto

I started Keto because I had a few health concerns. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

For the past 8-9 years, I’ve been a strict vegetarian (mostly vegan) with plenty of grains and carbs.  This new diet, full of healthy brain-nourishing fats was almost the opposite of my previous diet.

I LOVE the idea of being a morning person but I have always had difficulties getting out f bed. If I can manage to get myself up early and give myself time to shake off my sleepiness, calm and quiet mornings are amazing. Easier said than done.

Mornings have always been hard for me and, despite my best efforts, I may not ever be a morning person. My entire life I’ve suffered from trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and getting into deep sleep.  I don’t deep sleep as much as I should and am a VERY light sleeper.

Tossing and turning, too hot, too cold, sounds in the night – what time is it? Every hour or two it is something.  When I wake up I almost never feel rested. I’ve also always had this hard to describe “strange sick” feeling every morning as my brain struggles with the transition from sleep to wakefulness.

I’ve also always had this hard to describe “strange sick” feeling every morning as my brain struggles with the transition from sleep to wakefulness. Even now my mother recollects on how difficult of a time getting me out of bed for school growing up was.

Because of my chronic difficulties with sleep, I always try to go to bed extra early (even if it means laying in bed awake for a while) since I don’t function well when sleep deprived (the sick feeling often returns when I am tired).

Since middles school coffee has been the answer to my difficult mornings – jolting my brain into the day with a punch. I’d load it up with cream and sugar and be on my way.

Coffee is a vicious cycle. You perk up, you crash add sugar to the mix, even more problems arise. Always putting your body through hell, spiking and crashing. Some days I would drink an entire pot of coffee. Quad, soy, caramel, macchiatos were one of my favorites – four shots of espresso.

Once my body went into Ketosis coffee began to have a very different effect on me. Now even drinking one cup of coffee makes me shaky, and the caffeine really affects me. It’s too much – my brain races, heart flutters, and I have this feeling as if I need to run five miles to make the feeling stop.

At first, I could not believe it was my good friend coffee betraying me in this way. I didn’t want to accept the truth but after trying to have my cup of coffee on three separate occasions with the same unpleasant result I gave up.

Some people can handle coffee on keto – and can slam Bullet Proof Coffee every morning. My entire life I’ve always had strange sensitivities to chemicals and environmental triggers, so please don’t assume you will have the same reaction. Lots of people have coffee on Keto.

Listen to and respect your body.

I still drink tea but am careful not to over-do it. Some day coffee may be back on the menu for me but in the meantime because my body is saying “NO” loudly, this ketogenic hot chocolate is my new favorite.

Do you drink coffee on keto? Have you ever had that “overly caffinated” feeling? What is your goto beverage?

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  1. I too just quit coffee a week ago. I am not Keto but I am doing a similar detox of the system that will be followed by reconstructing a diet that will fit my real needs, not the ones I think I need, like alcohol and coffee. But it’s been a week and I am delighted to be done with coffee. I do hot water, SweetLeaf stevia and 1/4 lemon every morning. This thins the bile as well, getting your liver flushing and those digestive enzymes flowing.

  2. OMG! I’m the biggest coffee drinker. Chronic Insomnia from the fibromyalgia. I understand that tired sick feeling and it sucks big time. I would hate not being able to have coffee. I’m immune to the caffeine at this point but I love the taste. Coffee ice cream, coffee candy…. I’m sorry your body is being mean to you. 💗

  3. I quit all caffeine 12 years ago, teas with liquorice and mint in are great for that early morning pick me up as the taste gives your senses a sharp wake up plus the ingredients are great for digestion so it’s a really good way to start your day. In the evening to wind down lemon teas, or you can get teas with herbs like lavender in for bedtime which are wonderful, i also have trouble with insomnia so something like this really helps.

  4. I am not on keto, I am on this diet of uhh eat a little bit of everything (but mainly healthy meals and snacks) and hope for the best? Haha I have never been any kind of dieter, I was raised in a house where it was very healthy though, like no pop or chips etc were ever kept in the house unless for the odd occasion of a birthday party or sleep over. However, I gained quite a bit of weight in my teens and felt sluggish a lot of the time, but it had nothing to do with what my parents preached to me about eating habits, they fed us very well. It actually HAD to do with coffee kind of. I would drink about two to three cups of coffee a day with two teaspoons of white sugar in every cup. It was the white sugar, I for a long time stopped putting sugar in my coffee at all and I actually lost a ton of weight. Like it was that simple, I didnt change anything else. Lol As for my coffee habits and morning routines, I am not a morning person much like you, I am slow to wake up and hate the transition. Quiet mornings I give to myself every morning and wake up like hour and a half to two hours before work every morning. If I don’t, I don’t make it into work it’s that simple, I cannot bend this rule because I do not function without my proper morning ritual. So if life gets in my way, I guess I let it win but it doesn’t happen too often to be a problem. I have cut myself to 1-2 cups a day max of coffee, and I am back to taking one teaspoon of sugar sometimes, my boyfriend takes sugar in his coffee so when we met, I went back to my old habits, but am very careful about it. I am getting back into being a lot more active and I believe in time will change my coffee and sugar routines. Like cutting sugar or perhaps both out completely.

    Nice post 🙂 I can really relate to the rough mornings and sorry to hear you had to cut coffee out of your diet.

    1. Thank you! Yes SUGAR is an evil we need to talk more about. Really just taking this one thing out can have a HUGE impact. People don’t realize the damage too much sugar can do.

  5. Oh, coffee is my dear friend still. I drink it black now, have hypoglycemia at times. I always limit it to 1-2 and never caffeine after 1pm. I’m glad you’re okay with the change though!

  6. Yerba Mate has good minerals and curbs the appetite and can be mixed with various herbals accordingly….good way to slowly wean yourself from the jittery caffeine and good for those hot days with ice….often mix it with Jamaican hibiscus and lime leaf that i grow myself….for an occasional coffee craving…organic decaf (Hagen makes the most tasty instant) Still indulge in hot African orange pekoe, Sri LAnkan or Assam with a bit of honey , pinch of organic light brown sugar in the mornings….but always try to make the first thing I take in morning a small glass of juice with vita greens — include spirulina, chorella, barley grass, and alfalfa to keep sugar levels good for the day….

  7. I had to stop my ADHD medication when I started keto. It felt like a double dose. But I’m doing better on keto in so many ways, I think it’s a good trade-off! I’m not a big coffee drinker, but caffeine late is an even worse idea now than it used to be before. In the morning, it’s fine for me.

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