I Locked Myself Out of the House

Ever have one of those days where you get a bit twisted up?

Most work days I have a pretty set routine that allows me to get everything done in the most efficient manner, while at the same time making sure I don’t forget anything from my list.

This morning I started out by rushing about the house, making final preparations for the repairmen due to arrive soon. Off my typical schedule, out of order and in a rush I did something very silly – locked my keys inside our house, only minutes after closing the last open windows on the first floor.

Sliding my hand across the backside of my pocketless pants, I realize my cell phone is sitting on a table next to the window just out of reach. Rushing around to check the locked windows I felt a panic begin to boil and I wanted to cry.

No time for tears, I just finished my mascara and needed to get back inside. “At least you have shoes on,” I told myself “At least you weren’t in a bathrobe.”

After checking all the windows in the backyard twice it was time to climb our broken gate. Once in the front yard, there were far fewer windows available to me, the open windows were all on the 2nd floor with no way up.

“Seven fifty-five in the morning” and I have to get back into the house. Time to meet the neighbors. Not the way I would have liked to meet our neighbors (knocking on the door before 8 am while they are sleeping) but at least they were very nice and let me use a phone so I could call David.

David was able to get home to me in about a half hour, my hero!

Always look for the positive – I got in before the contractors showed up and they were not trying to call me while I was locked outside with our dogs.

10 thoughts on “I Locked Myself Out of the House

  1. Being locked out is chaotic and yes I’ve done that. We switched to a coded lock 🙂 Now, we just have to remember to check the batteries from time to time. I do keep a spare key in my wallet just incase.

  2. yes, good to know your neighbors!
    Maybe hide a key somewhere on your lot?
    Being neurodivergent, you know it’s always good to have a plan B!
    Glad it all worked out for you in the end and that your neigbours turned out to be nice!

  3. I’ve done this with my car as well. I can’t even count the times I locked myself out of the house. Happened once in the Winter. Had to wait in the car for over an hour.

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