An Autistic Perspective – Disclosing & Accommodations



Hey everyone!  NeuroRebel here, and I am a late diagnosed autistic adult.  I was diagnosed before my 30th birthday, only a few years ago, and the information really shook up and changed my world.  At first, some people may feel the urge to run around and tell everybody this new information when they find out they’re autistic.  However, disclosing can be very tricky, especially in the workplace.  I’ve found that disclosing in the right workplace can make life easier, but unfortunately, disclosing in the wrong workplace can have consequences.

Personally, I’ve found that employers who are not what I would call “people focussed” and if they see my needs as an inconvenience, they are not employers that I want to work for.  Also, disclosing an autism diagnosis is not appropriate for every situation, but it may be necessary in order to request accommodations in the workplace.  So, be ready to specifically ask or request what it is that you need in order to be successful.  Unfortunately, some employers may just be trained only to look out for the bottom line, and so it is good to highlight why giving a little can be a benefit to the organization.  For example, if I’m requesting sensory accommodation, I might say “I need a quiet space with minimal distractions and natural lighting to accommodate sensory processing so that I may focus on my work.”  Or, I may say “Working remotely actually works best for me.  It allows me to control my sensory environment so that I may be most productive.”  And see, that last part – “so that I may be most productive” – shows what’s of benefit to the organization.  I’ve also found that honesty is very important.  I am very honest and up front that I do not keep all of these short term day to day details in my head, and sometimes I may ask for more time to think about a situation or I may tell someone “Hey, let me check my notes and get back to you.”

These are just a few things that I do within the workplace to help keep myself on track.  Let me know what you do or your tips in the comments below.  Thank you, guys, so much.  If this video was helpful to you, give me a thumbs up and I will know to do more videos on this topic in the future.  I’ll talk to you guys next time.  Bye!




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3 thoughts on “An Autistic Perspective – Disclosing & Accommodations

  1. Self medicating to be able to pull ‘normal’ sorta off. Then, decided to be not “medicated’ and was put on report for my behavior showing signs of drug influence. Couldn’t win. Sigh

  2. I worked in investment banking. High pressure and greed everywhere you look. I am burned out and think the anxiety is what puts me off. If you can find a work place that’s understanding that’s the most important thing. You will feel valued and possibly understood. I can tell you that investment banking is not that place… Certainly not in the last couple of decades!

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