AskingAutistics – David Rivera – What’s hard and How do you stay so positive?

David answers: What’s hard and How do you stay so positive?

This is Pt 7 of the interview with David. Stay tuned for pt 8 next week.

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ID: David, a medium brown skinned human, with long, curly, salt and pepper hair, and Lyric, a pale skinned nonbinary person with short green, teal, and purple hair with shaved sides and jet black roots are sitting on a sofa next to one another in an RV. There is an open window behind them. The words “What’s Hard?” floats in front of them in pale teal and green letters.


Lyric: Um, oh, okay. This might be hard, because I feel like this would be a hard question.

David: Schwing-

Lyric: “What is one thing you love most about yourself?” Amanda asks.

David: Come this way.

Lyric: “What’s one thing you love most about yourself?” Amanda asks.

What do you love most about you? Is that one hard? I told you it was gonna be hard.

David: Let’s start off with any questions, why don’t we?

Lyric: Any question? Uh, any other questions?

David: Easy questions. .

Lyric: Okay. How about this?

David: How do I?

Lyric: Here’s another question Amanda had instead. Pass.

David: Mm-hmm.

Lyric: Okay. You know, doesn’t that suck. That’s hard. I knew that would be hard though. Uh, I have a lot of theories on that.

What’s one thing you struggle with? Is that easier? What’s one thing you struggle with?


Sorry, Ithought that would easier.

David: What do I struggle with? I mean, I do, but

Lyric: you never know when anyone’s hitting on you. .

David: That’s not really a struggle, with someone hitting on you.

Lyric: I know.

David: Uh, what do I struggle with?

Lyric: I put you on the spot with that one. It’s okay.

David: But it’s, it’s, it’s vague. It’s,

Lyric: and, and then, and then Amanda says, I, I res, I asked respectfully, and understand if you or David declined to answer this, or any of my questions. Thank you!

David: I’m trying to, so here’s the thing. I tried taking a test, Lyric sent me about, what’d you send me?

Lyric: Oh, the AQ quotient. The autism quiz.

David: Autism quiz thing.

Lyric: Yeah.

David: What do I struggle with? ? Uh, answering questions. How about that? I can’t answer questions, cuz I had to ask more questions, to understand your question. You know what I’m saying?

Lyric: And a multiple choice test. You can’t ask more questions.

David: Right? Right. And I can’t ask you Amanda. Uh, more questions like what, what are you trying to get to? What? Struggling with what? Uh, how do I put my shoes on in the morning? Uh, how do I take my coffee? Uh, struggling, because I’ve broken egg in the morning.

Uh, cleaning up, getting outta bed struggling, getting outta bed struggling.

Lyric: I think you got overwhelmed this morning, because there was like all this change happening, you were doing something outside of your comfort zone, that you had no control over.

David: What do I struggle? I struggle with things I don’t have control over.

I mentioned before, how I struggle with not being in control of things. Um, not that I’m a control freak. I, I, I wanna know, I’m gonna be comfortable in a situation like I didn’t like to holiday parties with Lyric and the old company.

Lyric: I didn’t like going to them either!

David: I didn’t like going. I’m like, there’s no one I can socialize with.

Lyric: I hated them too.

David: They’re not gonna have anything in common with, uh, we have to be there. It was like a mandatory holiday thing. I don’t wanna be there. I I, I wasn’t comfortable there. I didn’t like the music. I didn’t like the conversations.

Lyric: Yeah.

David: It was so, Shallow , you know, I, I wanna be left alone, you know? Don’t make me go somewhere that

Lyric: I didn’t wanna go either. It was like you got guilt tripped. Like I tried to decline. They’re like, “oh, we made sure to schedule it so that everyone could come” but I don’t want to-

David: no, I wanna be home.

Lyric: I wanna go home. It’s my day off. I don’t wanna do more work. Socializing this work. Yeah.

David: I mean, there’s a lot of struggle. So I, I need to understand. How, what? I mean what, what, what your questions, you know, where’s it coming from? What, what type of struggle do you want to know? Sometimes I struggle trying to find a movie for us.

Lyric: Yeah. Too many choices.

David: Too many choices, or not enough good choices. You know, we have Prime, we have Netflix, you know? Where do we go to find a good movie for us to be comfortable with, and watch and, you know, date?

Lyric: Mm-hmm.

David: You know, uh, struggle, I don’t know. Struggle?

Lyric: Meltdowns. Sometimes.

David: I meltdown?

Lyric: Sometimes.

David: Yeah. Sometimes I wanna be a block of ice, but I can’t. I meltdown.

You know what? I didn’t. No, that’s a whole different topic.

Lyric: It’s okay.

David: It didn’t belong here.

Lyric: It doesn’t belong here? Okay. Aw, that’s.

David: Did we answer the struggle thing? I struggled with your question there. Who is it? Rebecca?

Lyric: Uh, Amanda.

David: Amanda.

Lyric: Yeah. It’s okay.

David: Struggled with that a little bit.

Lyric: We won. Go. We go.

David: I don’t feel any of these are making any sense?

Lyric: They’re making sense.

Oh, Aaron says, “how do you stay so cheerful? Every time we see you, you’re in a great mood.”

That’s because I don’t film him when he is in a bad mood. That wouldn’t be very nice.

David: Who wants to see that?

Lyric: Like, well, I just, I feel like when you’re not having a good day, you don’t want a camera in your face. Like David doesn’t shove the camera in my face, when I’m having a hard time either.

David: I’m not usually in a bad mood.

Lyric: No, but y’all aren’t gonna see it because neither one of us is gonna shove the camera in each other’s face, if we’re having a hard time.

David: Right. Because what happens is, is, is we will-

Lyric: because then we need space!

David: Yeah, yeah. We need space, and then we also need understanding.

Lyric: And the camera is not that.

David: Yeah.

Lyric: So those are private moments, you know?

David: But bad days. What gets me in a bad day though?

Lyric: Sometimes sensory overwhelm, the dogs, and they’re making too much noise.

David: The dogs can make a lot of noise sometimes, jump around.

How do I say cheerful? Uh, I enjoy my life. I enjoy my life, and I put myself in situations, where I know I’m gonna be happy. Uh, I don’t, I don’t try to force myself to be somewhere, or be somebody I’m not; and I have a good, understanding, partner. That helps me stay in a good mood, right?

Lyric: I love you.

David: So how do I stay in a good mood? I got a great partner, and I don’t ever want to put myself in a situation, where I know I won’t feel great. You know? Plain and simple. Plain and simple.

Lyric: Yeah. We gotta watch out for each other. So it’s like, you know, when you notice the other ones getting to where they, they’re overwhelmed, or they need something to like help them.

David: I am not, um-

Lyric: he was humping her. .

David: Yes. Not good .

Lyric: No. Um, she’s gonna call, I just hung up on here because we’re recording. She’s gonna mess up my recording.

David: You wanna stop it now? And then we’ll start.

Lyric: I’ll see. Maybe it hung up here. Um, let’s see. Maybe I’ll keep going.

David: Our tanks froze over. Right?

Lyric: Blocks of shit. .

David: Yeah. The black tank. I didn’t even think about that.

Lyric: poop-cicle POOP-cicles!!!

David: Damn. What was the question?

Lyric: How do you stay so cheerful?

David: It has nothing to do with it then. Done. .

No need to talk about that anymore.

Lyric: Oh my God, it just got really cold.

David: Oh, know! The wind just got blowing this way. Oh, oh shit.

Lyric: It’s cold. I, anyway.

David: Actually close the door.

Lyric: Close that door, I guess. Yeah, just close the front door. Holy hell. It hurts. Like my whole life just got real tight. I said, dude, so cold.


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