Why I Left Behaviorism Behind & Quit Dog Training

All right. I did a post on Facebook recently, talking about how I used to be a dog trainer and how I used to really, really love behaviorism, believe it or not.

I am a reformed behaviorist. I no longer use behaviorism on animals, and now my focus is entirely on teaching the animals around me to communicate with me, and that I am a safe person and how to get their needs met.

So has been quite a change, and you wanted to hear more about that. So those of you that asked for this video, or if you’re curious now… please stay tuned. Continue reading Why I Left Behaviorism Behind & Quit Dog Training

Stop ABA in Texas – #StopTXABA

Texas is one of the last states to approve ABA for autistic children on Medicaid. We have a small window of time to tell our state senators and representatives about the dangers and why they should hold the funding.

The Stop Texas ABA Coalition is looking for #ActuallyAutistic #ABASurvivors to post short videos on the harmful effects it has had on your life. We will combine them together to show during legislative hearings so that our community is represented in these decisions.
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