Talking About My Mom & The Hairbrush

The mornings are a time of quiet contemplation for me. As I get ready for my day, I am setting the tone for things to come.

Many of my best memories and thoughts come to me in the morning. Today my thoughts were of my mother chasing me around the house with a hair brush. The memory made me smile.

When I was little I couldn’t stand having my hair brushed.

9 thoughts on “Talking About My Mom & The Hairbrush

  1. For some reason I thought you were going to say your mom chased you around the house with a hairbrush as punishment. I’m glad it was a happy memory not a bad one 🙂

  2. I use to tell anyone that the best way to look into the possibility of a tolerable future, is by knowing and respecting one’s roots.
    I realised something’s wrong, when my children were sharing one day happy memories from our wanderings, and suddenly asked me of any…
    After a long, embarrassing and stern gaze, I shared a few memories, just to realise none were actually happy. As I sat down later with a cup of whatever, I kept digging deeper and wider, but besides the usual realism, nothing seemed to emerge.
    Ever since, I’m telling anyone listening how important it is knowing your roots.
    Because in my maze-like mind, respect lost its way while chasing happiness.
    Logic and rationalism have their cubist beauty, but they don’t smile…

    Beautiful picture NR , worth all the treasures of this world, and any beyond 🤓

  3. My daughter was the same way. It was like I was torturing her. Her OT tried everything. She has outgrown now that she is 7 and combs her own hair. She also likes short hair cuz its easier to comb! We are learning what works and doesn’t. She knows what clothes feel good to her and has tools to help her calm down. As a mom, I can say it was the hardest when she was younger because it was all a guessing game. Is she behaving this way because of a sensory thing or shes hungry, tired, thirsty.

  4. Also hated the hairbrush. I had long hair till I was about 4, and once I finally understood that long hair meant that it had to be brushed regularly I asked my mother to cut it short. I haven’t had my hair much past my shoulder since. I have gotten over the brushing feeling, but never really felt the need to put the time into working on it like other girls do.

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