My Friend Coffee

I love coffee, we’ve grown old together. Our relationship is a long one. I started drinking coffee at the age of twelve but my first taste was much earlier.

At my great grandmother’s house, I toddled around with a plastic cup of milk. From the kitchen, I heard a happy voice, “Coffee’s ready! Come and get it!” I moved with the adults into the kitchen, tiny yellow cup in hand, waiting to get my coffee.

When it was my turn the adults hesitated, but after my firm insistence, a few drops of coffee were poured into my milk cup. “She’s not going to like it” a voice from above me boomed. “I didn’t put enough in there for her to taste anything” another whispered.

The first voice was right. My face puckered as the milk hit my taste buds. Repulsed by the bitterness, I passed my tainted cup up into the crowd of adults and walked away.

In the mid-nineties, coffee came back into my life in the form of the Starbucks blended Frappuccino. To a twelve-year-old, this sweet concoction was basically a coffee milk shake. You could get them with extra toppings and all the sugar hid the bitterness of the coffee.

Once again, coffee was my good friend when I entered the workforce. Sixty plus hour weeks with spit shifts and long days were saved by caffeine. I poured coffee into me like fuel when I didn’t have time to eat. Eventually, I was up to drinking an entire pot of coffee on my own in an 8 hour work day. I loved coffee, however, these habits were completely unhealthy.

Coffee had been a gateway for sugar consumption when I was younger. Now that I’m on the keto diet, sugar is out of the picture, I take my coffee with heavy cream, MCT coconut oil, and a bit of stevia. I like my home made coffee better what I can order at a shop.

Over the years I’ve found a happy balance, mostly because I can no longer handle as much caffeine as I used to. I even cut coffee off completely for a few months when I started the keto diet.

Paying close attention to my body has helped me to learn what’s best for me. Most mornings I have one “real cup of coffee” – a small mug with caffeinated coffee. If I want coffee after 11 am, I go for “the fake stuff” – decaffeinated.

Coffee is still my friend we just realized we were spending a little too much time together.



42 responses to “My Friend Coffee

  1. What is the me to diet? Not one I have heard of. I do respect the importance of people figuring out what works for them. Most nutrition studies seem too broad and generalized. It’s taken me many years to learn what suits me best, and as i age I still have to make adaptations. In my case a morning coffee only just got added a few months ago when I was forced to cut down my dose of thyroid supplement. It’s now a pleasant ritual, ery dtrong with just a touch of sweet cream. The rest of the day is devoted to my lifelong preference for strong plain black tea.


  2. I started drinking coffee in high school. I went to a private school that didn’t mind student coffee drinkers. But then I went through a tea phase, but switched back to coffee.

    Most of my adult years I only had 1 or 2 cups per day, just with milk. No sugar. I instead was a bit of heavy alcohol drinker during off-work hours. But then I had to pretty much quit alcohol, so coffee consumption increased. I drink my coffee with less and less milk, and even often drink plain espresso. I’m not really supposed to be drinking that much coffee with my bipolar illness, but at least I don’t drink alcohol anymore.

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  3. I started coffee at 6. The only times I have stopped was my pregnancies and breastfeeding. Then I went for the fake stuff (decafe). Like you, it hides way too many hidden calories with all that sugar. But I do firmly quit before noon these days.

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  4. I echo this completely! I worked nearly full-time during the last year of my undergrad and I foolishly overloaded my course schedule. I imbibed so many chocolate raspberry K-cups that I nearly get panic flashbacks when I smell that coffee now! I’m happily down to a cup each day but definitely still use it as a crutch when I’m having a dopey (read: under-stimulated) day and need a kick in the butt.

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  5. Entertaining post I enjoyed reading. Being an Englishman I’ve had a long and intimate relationship with tea and like you I have clear memories watching my Grandfather make a brew in his teapot.

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  6. I love coffee too but my body has decided it would rather not have it, so I have switched to green tea to get my daily allotment of caffeine. The caffeine hits me differently with the tea. I, no long, have the edgy feeling but am still alarm.


  7. I’m 100% pro-coffee. But real coffee, homemade, brewed. As a Brazilian, I grew up drinking coffee. A latte as a kid, every morning before going to school. Black now that I’m over sugar and sweeteners, and dairy. No more reflux, no more heartburn. Coffee is my anti-anxiety medication.

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  8. Yep, I know this one – seven years of night shifts 25 years ago has left me hopelessly addicted. I get blinding headaches after a day without coffee! I switch to decaff after 6 pm but could not cope if I did it at 11am! πŸ™‚

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  9. I go drip coffee at small, nice coffee shops during weekend – nice to sit with my laptop, and do observation skill on people walking outside. Weekdays, it’s all “work coffee” πŸ™‚

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  10. I want to do things that make me healthy and they say drinking coffee black is how you reap health benefits from it but ummmm…I don’t think my relationship with coffee could handle such an upheaval!!! It already suffered when I had to go dairy free, it’s never been quite the same. sigh.

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