I’m Always Moving – It’s Just Something That I Do

Actual video of me focusing on computer work tasks.

I got in trouble for moving around in school constantly. Now I am an adult and can do as I like.

If I am perfectly honest, I used to hide these things. Years of being reprimanded by teachers made me ashamed. I’m not ashamed anyone.

20 thoughts on “I’m Always Moving – It’s Just Something That I Do

  1. I think people have different versions of what they consider movement, but everyone does it. I need to get up and walk around, which works in my favor because I teach. I had a couple students who had issues, which they constantly moving so I would give them tasks which they could move around, let them stand, or something they could do as long as they’re not bothering anyone else (e.g. going up to students and talking when instructed not to). It’s hard for kids to sit in hard and desks all day, especially middle schoolers. I’m trying to figure out new ways to get them to move.

  2. ๐Ÿ˜€ I love the video and you look so sweet when you’re concentrating! (When I visit my mums she confiscates my fidget cube because it annoys her……….. aand I’m over 30!)

  3. I recently learned it may not all be my ADHD causing the fidgetiness. Apparently frequent small compensatory movements are also a way people with dysautonomia compensate for the fact they can’t send enough blood to their extremeties to keep themselves upright. So, between both diagnoses I basically will just have to give up on the dream of ever being still in meetings…

  4. First video I have watched on a blog! (I am very new to this) very interesting. As opposed to moving myself I have to have music with no lyrics in the background on, usually sounds like opera. I believe my mind is otherwise fidgety. Great video ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I think people should always be moving. It’s great exercise. I am not always moving, but I am always writing. Thanks for liking my poem, “Tonight, I Drink Alone.” BTW.

  6. I used to get in a ton of trouble at school for fidgeting. So I used to move my toes around in my shoes. Even now I almost constantly am moving my toes especially when I am trying to concentrate.

  7. I jiggle my leg all the time. Drives people around me crazy. Or I drum my fingers. Play with a fidget spinner, pen, paperclips, whatever is around me. As a child in class, I’d get up to sharpen my oencil, and even though the pencil sharpener was right next to me, I’d walk around the entire room, often stopping by each desk to see what everyone else was doing.

  8. yes! people get annoyed sometimes if I am sitting next to then but seriously I don’t even notice I’m moving most the time! I think its one reason Ive fallen in love with wearing jewelry, cause I can fiddle around with it!

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