Developing Empathy & Compassion

What a long way I’ve come. I remember a time when trying to be compassionate and patient with the people around me was much harder (not that I’m perfect now).

As we age we become older we grow better and wiser but ONLY if we decide to put the effort into ourselves.

This is an honest video about the rewards that come from years of hard work.

13 thoughts on “Developing Empathy & Compassion

  1. I applaud your effort to bring attention to subjects people don’t talk about unless it affects them. Assimilating people with learning disorders, psychological issues and Neurological disorders have long been subjects that are taboo.

  2. It sounds like you have grown a lot through Buddhism, which is really cool. I find it more difficult to be compassionate when someone is acting in a hurtful way, so I especially admire how you maintain that mindset even in that kind of situation. I think that I’ve also become more compassionate/empathetic than I used to be. Recently, a friend cancelled plans without offering to reschedule. In the past, I would’ve assumed that she didn’t care and given up on the friendship, but this time, I tried to understand how she was feeling/thinking, and we worked out another arrangement that meets her needs.

  3. I’ve aaaalllwayd been empathetic!! compassionately is just tied in, like you said! I’m actually learning the opposite, so that’s funny. I’m passionately empathetic, and sometimes that flares my anxiety. Not in a bad way though. But keep going!!! I’m so happy for you!

  4. Along with empathy and compassion, my understanding of Buddhism includes detachment. Not being attached to any expectation, outcome, behavior, whatever. Compassion becomes a process that moves me toward the goal of detachment, where I don’t like or dislike a behavior, just observe it, and move on

    1. Detachment can sometimes be even more difficult than compassion, in my opinion. Not having expectations of others is so difficult to achieve; but I agree with you and like that you pointed this out.

  5. I love how you talk about self-compassion needing to happen before compassion for others can be tackled. It’s such an important factor for building empathy. Sometimes, it may be impossible to understand another person’s motivation but what helps me sometimes is just recognizing that for whatever reason they had a reason to do XYZ. I’ve also learned that being empathetic towards someone in no way implies that I agree with what they are doing.

  6. I’ve always been empathic and compassionate to those around, still not sure if we aspie, empathic/sensitive or indigo, every action I do I see result so I pass imagination part psychologists ask, other 5 I am definetely aspergers spectrum, I still get frustrated lash out like a child, say why do I care about kids they represent what i cannot seem to have passion in my life, do you ladies hate me for that or be empathic and give me a small amount of compassion

  7. today I had DoT physical night before I checked my own BP got 120/80 normal, I got into parkinglot at clinic 150/100 like wth, thankfully a good think I open I spilled my guts to doctor about everything going on, and got a pass, they can pass if they feel another issue causing hbp

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