I LOVE Dogs!

The best thing about having my own blog – I get to talk about whatever I want. This week I talk about dogs. Why not?

18 thoughts on “I LOVE Dogs!

  1. Again another excellent Blog/Video post NeuroRebel.

    Well you know l love dogs and probably know l adore animals. For twenty years l ran a business dealing specifically with animals. In fact l know Doodlepip wants to ask you a question soon with something she is thinking of doing, that you and your 4 leggeds may like to be involved in.

    Favourite animals – in order – well Dogs – but on the exotic scale of things l adore porcupines! I have owned three species types of porcupines during my years – brush tailed [Hector and Drana], African crested [Laddie & Lady]and the best of the lot North American porcupines [Velma]. The latter are just so cuddly … oh yes they are!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Next on the list would be meerkats and prairie dogs, raccoons and coatimundis.

    These days l no longer keep exotics – no space for them to be kept properly and they need more time than l have. But they will always be in my memories.

    Keep on doing what you do, keep safe, stay happy.

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  2. Dogs! I have three now but usually have 3 or 4 at a time. I’ve had cats and love them, too, but not like dogs. In the “wild” (back yard) I adore watching the cardinals, woodpeckers, crows, and others. I’m phobic about rats and mice. i was traumatized at age 4 when I lived in Philadelphia and the sewers were being worked on and a sewer rat ran through the house. It was larger than a cat. I think the tails bother me. I like squirrels (furry tails) and rabbits (cottony ones) so it’s not all rodents. Anyway, like your video very much!

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  3. My favorite animal is dogs-of course; that’s why i clicked on dogs! But, I always loved dolphins for many reasons. 1) They are smart: they have 2 brains, 2) they are adorable and blue, and 3) they live by swimming! Who dosen’t love swimming? Mabye if you’re afraid of water, then yes…But, I just am a water sign and I connect with the ocean as it always brings me calm. Are your favorite animals dogs, I assume? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Dogs are awesome! I have a Great Dane and a Red Doberman mix. I wrote about dogs on my blog too because they have been by our (human’s) side for thousands of years.

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  5. I think adopting a dog is the answer to almost anyone’s problems. We foster dogs for a rescue and see lives changed again and again. Dog-hearted people are the best kind. Happy to meet another animal-loving-positive person. This post brightened my morning – thanks!

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